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Puente de Dios, the earthly paradise of the Sierra Gorda for nature lovers

If you want to connect with nature and put your senses to the test, don't miss the opportunity to get to know this incredible place. You'll love it!

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Querétaro is one of the Mexican destinations that is worth visiting at some point in our lives . This state has incredible attractions that are to the liking of children and adults. One of these places we refer to is the Puente de Dios, the earthly paradise of the Sierra Gorda for nature lovers. So if you want to experience this wonderful experience, learn more about this site.

The Bridge of God is located in the heart of the Sierra Gorda , which is characterized by being an area full of mountains, as well as diverse ecosystems and vegetation in which large forests and jungle areas stand out. Similarly, it is one of the places with incredible endemic biodiversity where different species such as birds, butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, insects and mammals live; becoming a point worth visiting.

This is El Puente de Dios in Querétaro

Regarding the origin of its peculiar name, this is due to its unique tunnel that resembles a bridge that emerged from the sky, however, it is known that this natural formation was generated by the passage of water for a long time. And around it is a vast wooded vegetation, some waterfalls, as well as natural pools and canyons.

Also, near the Puente de Dios is the Escanela River , a body of water that is characterized by its incredible crystalline waters of green-blue color and that seems to have no end. Similarly, there is the Angostura Canyon, a site that has excellent natural pools where you can enjoy a good dip.

It is also an excellent place to carry out activities such as hiking , so we recommend that you go as comfortable as possible to enjoy this great journey. In the same way, you will have the opportunity to observe its thousands of birds that are nesting in its surroundings.

Where is The Bridge of God in Querétaro located?

Those who wish to know this wonderful site will have to go to the municipality of Querétaro, which is known as Pinal de Amoles. Once they reach this point, they will have to undertake a journey of approximately three kilometers by car through a ravine that will take them on a path full of dirt . There is also the possibility of arriving from Temasopo through Federal Highway number 120, which goes from San Juan del Río to Xilitla, located in the Sierra Gorda.


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