Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Pope says ‘diabolical violence’ has been unleashed on Ukraine

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Pope Francis assured today that in Ukraine “the drama of Cain and Abel” has been repeated and “a violence that destroys lives, a diabolical violence” has been unleashed.

The pope spoke these words in his speech to the representatives of the Works for the Aid of the Eastern Churches (ROACO) that he received today at the Vatican and encouraged them to continue helping in Syria, or in the face of the Tigray conflict that affects Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea, as well as in Ukraine.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, the pope observed that “the drama of Cain and Abel has returned there. A violence destroying lives was unleashed, a Luciferian violence, a diabolical violence, to which we believers are called to react with the force of prayer, with the concrete help of charity, with all Christian means so that weapons give way to negotiations”.

The pontiff hoped that “Isaiah’s prophecy of peace would soon be fulfilled: that one people will never again raise its hand against another people” but stressed that, for the time being, “they are going in the opposite direction: the food is diminishing and the noise of the weapons increases.

And he encouraged “not to stop praying, fasting, helping, working so that the paths of peace find a place in the jungle of conflicts.”


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