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PHOTO Kate Middleton : in short shorts, the Duchess breaks the rules of royal protocol

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On a trip to Nassau, Bahamas, Kate Middleton ditches princess dresses to show off her long, slender legs! Ultimate royal misstep or authorized derogation? We will explain everything to you.

The royal tour of Kate and William ended last weekend in apotheosis! The couple traveled to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas to salute the former territories of the British Commonwealth and it was a golden opportunity for Kate Middleton to pay homage to them with her outfits. From evening dresses to adventurer outfits , the Duchess of Cambridge had everything planned in her numerous luggage. But what the public and the media didn’t expect to see was this completely surprising look from Kate Middleton who completely deviated from royal dress protocol for a boat trip.

Is Kate Middleton allowed to wear shorts?

Is the Duchess of Cambridge obliged to stay in heels and a skirt suit whatever her activities? Of course not! We have seen it several times: Kate Middleton likes to adapt her outfits according to her official outings. In jogging with the England rugby team , in cargo pants for the visit to the Belize jungle , she is a future all-terrain princess. But his small deviations from the royal dress protocol have limits.

Kate Middleton in shorts in the Bahamas
Kate Middleton in shorts in the Bahamas

As a general rule, women in the royal family are not allowed to wear clothing above the knees , let alone shorts. In the presence of the queen, women will almost always wear a skirt or a dress because that is what she prefers. But when the cat is not there, the mice dance! Kate Middleton allows herself a little more freedom in the absence of Elizabeth II … but only when necessary. In the Caribbean, the Duchess did not take advantage of the heat to show up in a mini-skirt and crop top for her official appointments. Her dresses were light but still appropriate. On the other hand, for his boat trip accompanied by Prince William,Kate Middleton obviously donned a practical and suitable outfit.

It would seem that for certain sporting activities, members of the royal family are allowed to deviate from the rules, provided that it is justified. After wearing tight-fitting jogging with the rugby team, Kate Middleton assumes these very short shorts . This is only the second time since her marriage to Prince William that she has allowed herself to wear mini-shorts , proof that she is careful not to abuse them. The first was also for a sea trip in August 2019. Kate Middleton would therefore not have really departed from the etiquette imposed on members of the royal family since she was able to reiterate the same type of look in the same context.

This time around, to keep her outfit in line with the formal and always chic style required, the mum of Georges, Charlotte and Louis paired her JCrew shorts with a stylish polo shirt from Gill Marine . On her feet, she put on her white Superga to be comfortably installed on the boat as well as a waterproof windbreaker from the Decathlon Tribord brand at only 30 euros. And fortunately she made this choice, because she quickly found herself soaked!

In 2019, Kate Middleton also wore shorts


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