Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Viral video: Is Johnny Depp dancing here in Iran?

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Is Johnny Depp suddenly in Iran? On recordings of a religious ceremony, it actually looks as if the Hollywood star was there.

Johnny Depp is known for his eccentric behavior on and off the screen. Not only since the sensational court case between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, the 59-year-old has been trusted to do everything possible. Images have now surfaced that appear to show him at the Shiite Ashura festival in the northern Iranian city of Tabriz.

A video showing a ceremonial dance was shared on TikTok. Right in the middle: Johnny Depp. Or is it maybe just a doppelganger who looks very much like him?

The first video of the short dance scene got almost 775,000 views, the second post, tagged with the hashtag #johnnydepp, has been viewed by more than 1.8 million users on TikTok so far. But who is really dancing?

In fact, the lookalike is Iranian model Amin Sal’es, local media eventually found out. On his Instagram profile, the Iranian seems to like to style himself like Johnny Depp.

His resemblance to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star has now increased his number of followers significantly. Although he has only published seven posts, Sal’es is now followed by 12,000 users. It will probably be a while before he catches up with his role model online. Johnny Depp’s official account is followed by 27.4 million Instagram users.


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