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Sylvester Stallone denies ex-wife Jennifer Flavin’s accusations that he hid marital assets

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Sylvester Stallone has responded to his wife Jennifer Flavin’s divorce petition and has denied doing anything wrong with her marital property.

The former model, 54, filed for divorce from the Hollywood star after 25 years of marriage, just days before the site revealed the actor had covered up a giant tattoo of his ex-partner on his right bicep. , with an image of Butkus, the mastiff of his legendary character Rocky, in the successful saga.

Now, Sylvester has denied Jennifer’s accusations that she “has engaged in the willful dissipation, depletion, and/or waste of marital assets that has had an adverse economic impact on the marital estate,” according to information from the magazine. People.

In court documents filed in Palm Beach County, Florida, the actor’s legal representatives said that he had “not engaged in” such conduct and that he had also opposed his wife’s request for “exclusive use.” from his home in Palm Beach.

Flavin had already asked for private use of the property during the divorce proceedings.

As for court costs and lawyers’ fees, the former mannequin asked the court to take into account the “conduct of each party” that could lengthen the process and to encourage “mutual cooperation” to “reduce the payment” of legal matters.

Stallone said in her response that Flavin had “hired an attorney to represent her and agreed to pay her legal fees.”

The ‘Rambo’ star did not refuse his former partner’s request to “restore” his maiden name, as he considered his marriage to be “irretrievably broken.”

The outlet revealed, just days before news of their breakup broke, that Sylvester had covered up a tattoo of Jennifer’s on her arm. Later it became known that the former model and third wife of the interpreter was divorcing him after 25 years of marriage. The breakup has shocked Hollywood, as the couple was considered one of the strongest in the world of entertainment.

The story, however, has become even more shocking with claims that her rottweiler Dwight was the immediate cause of the breakup. Stallone adores Dwight – the name of his character in the new TV drama series, “Tulsa King” – and has posted gushing photos and videos of the mascot on social media.

The family has told TMZ that the actor wanted the dog to help protect the family at their homes in Los Angeles and Palm Beach, Florida.

But – although they already have other dogs – Flavin did not want a huge rottweiler in the house and strongly objected. His disagreement over Dwight reportedly caused a major argument that sparked other problems between the couple, culminating in the decision to divorce.


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