Monday, October 3, 2022
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Nubia Oliiver reveals sex with three men at the same time: “I would repeat it several times”

1990s sex symbol, OnlyFans muse opened up and talked about what it's like to be open-minded when it comes to sex

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Nubia Oliiver , one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1990s and muse of the adult content platform OnlyFans, opened up and talked about what it’s like to be open-minded about sex and even made a pretty intimate revelation.

“I’ve done everything at the time of sex and I don’t consider it crazy, but experiences. For example, I’ve had sex with three men at the same time. It was wonderful and I would repeat it several times”, revealed Núbia.

“I’ve always been very open-minded, curious, in everything that is new, new adventures, sensations and experiences”, said the model, who believes that it is necessary to have a lot of dialogue, respect the limits of each one and always ask what the other want to do.


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