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Marco Melandri, Confessions About His Wife and Then About His Lover: “I Hurt Her Very Much”

The Moto GP champion opened up during last night's live broadcast, he talked about the moment of confusion he experienced about the harm he did to his wife but also to his lover

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Marco Melandri, before leaving for Honduras, had decided to publicly share the difficulty that he and his wife had to overcome. The Moto Gp champion had revealed that he had left his wife for another woman, but then retraced his steps for love and for family.

His wife, Manuela Raffaetà, was close to him, even though they were separated and he was with another woman, but then love, especially for his daughter, brought him back to the family path. Manuela and Marco got married in 2005 and in 2014 they had their daughter Martina.

During last night’s episode of the Isola de Famosi Melandri came back to talk about that period: “It’s no secret, things were not going well with my wife and we decided to separate for a year also for the good of the child. I had an affair with another girl. At a certain point the girl was no longer brilliant and there I realized that something was wrong. ” The champion then returned to approach his wife: “We started seeing each other again, she was a force of nature, when I took another path she was able to take the blow”.

Then Marco also remembers the other partner: “Life is unpredictable, this summer I was doing other projects with another person who I hurt a lot. I met a new Manuela and I understood that that was my place”.


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