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Laura León came out in defense of Ana Claudia Talancón’s alleged drunkenness: “We have to give us our tastes”

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A few days ago, the actress appeared at the premiere of “I’m your fan” in a euphoric state that sparked criticism and memes

Ana Claudia Talancón was in the middle of the controversy in recent days after she attended the premiere of I am your fan: The movie, the film version of the successful series that Channel 11 launched in the 2000s.

And it is that although the spotlights of the red carpet illuminated different personalities, it was Ana Claudia who took the night, because in addition to being the protagonist of the story next to Martín Altomaro, the actress gave interviews in an alleged inconvenient state, since who arrived extremely euphoric and even had a hard time articulating certain statements.

Due to this situation, multiple users of social networks and even hosts of television programs did not hesitate to make the status of the actress evident, and launched into ridicule and memes for the way in which the actress appeared at such an important event.

Faced with the wave of attacks against her, Ana Claudia took the situation with a sense of humor and she herself shared stories where she looks “very happy” at the event. Now, it has been Laura León who came out in defense of the also actress of Arráncame la vida.

The famous Tesorito was sympathetic to Talancón’s alleged drunken state and said that everyone can give themselves “a taste”, this without losing respect for the public.

“Each of us is free to arrive and do things, with respect for the public, but to be happy and at ease, my dear queen, we must give ourselves our tastes. She is an excellent artist and a great person and cast the first stone, ”she declared in a recent meeting with the media.

The interpreter of The cheated women’s club stressed that at this point of existence and especially after the ravages left by the global health crisis, enjoying life is paramount

“Life is short and more so with all the experiences we have had, I think right now is a good time to feel happy, always. We must feel happy and the treasure must be enjoyed, ”she said.

On the other hand, the one born in Comalcalco, Tabasco, also defended Lucía Méndez, who after the tribute Silvia Pinal received last Monday, August 29 at the Palace of Fine Arts, expressed that she would like to receive an equal tribute in the emblematic cultural venue, which earned him criticism.

“He deserves it, but the tributes in life. We all deserve it and we have worked with all our love, leave one’s life, with great pleasure. I think it would be very nice (the tribute to Lucía Méndez) ”, she concluded.

In defense of Ana Claudia Talancón

The little treasure was not the only one who justified the public appearance of Ana Claudia Talancón in a state of alleged drunkenness, Daniel Bisogno also gave a favorable comment to the protagonist of Soy tu fan.

“She is the protagonist, it is good that she went to celebrate with friends before, with the same cast, but I think she missed the drinks and not only because of what you see, but because I was in the interview and well… yes, it smelled a little bit”, said Ricardo Manjarrez, one of the presenters of Ventaneando, in a recent broadcast of the program.

After presenting the note, Daniel Bisogno took the floor and stressed that the moment should not be taken so seriously, since it was something that could happen to anyone.

“I ask myself and I ask you a question, dear public, have you never been fart?” He sentenced before the cameras of the most famous evening on TV Azteca.

To this, Ricardo mentioned that in any case, Bisogno himself would not be able to reach the television forum in those conditions. But, Daniel returned to answer for Ana Claudia.

“Not to the forum, because the boss, forget it. But, that you throw your drink to celebrate an event like that, “he pointed out and implied that there was nothing wrong with it.



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