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Emma Thompson breaks taboos at 63 in her latest film, ‘Good Luck Big Leo’

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Undoubtedly Emma Thompson’s career is anything but predictable, she has played all kinds of women and stories, and now she comes to Movistar+ with her latest film where she plays Nancy Stokes in an intimate and very risky story, acclaimed at the festival at Sundance and at the Berlinale. In this production, the winner of two Oscars puts herself in the shoes of a retired and widowed teacher who, at the age of 60, looks back and realizes that she has never had a full intimate life. Work, family and all the chores of her life took away all her time and passion, so now she feels that she must take matters into her own hands and recover some of the lost time, she cannot be young again nor will she be able to live all the sentimental experiences that today are on everyone’s lips but that in her youth remained outside, but she finds a solution: hire a gigolo.

Leo’s tab, played by Darly McCormack, draws Nancy in, looking like the young, handsome, professional man who will fulfill her fantasies and help her turn back time. They meet in a hotel room, where everything seems perfect, he is as handsome and young as she expected, however there is a small problem: the gigolo brings a very interesting conversation, they do not stop talking and it seems more and more interesting. Thus, the protagonist discovers that the boy with whom she simply wanted to date in a hotel room can mean something else, she likes her. And the twist of the story comes when Leo himself is attracted to Nancy.

The feature film is written and directed by women, Katy Brand and Sophie Hyde, and delves into the personal perception of women over 60
The feature film is written and directed by women, Katy Brand and Sophie Hyde, and delves into the personal perception of women over 60

With ‘Good luck, Leo Grande’, the 63-year-old British actress is putting a taboo subject on the table. And such relevant issues as age, missed opportunities, fantasies and the desire to find a passionate and skin-deep love. Nancy’s late husband, Robert, was a proper, close and generous husband, but was it love? What is love? How to fall in love with someone like Leo? And why not? These are questions that surround this Thompson proposal that takes place almost entirely in hotel rooms.

Emma Thompson’s objective has been to show at all times a real woman in search of pleasures that have vanished on her way to 63 years, not only in the most intimate and personal field, but also to appreciate her own physique and like her The actress insists that the cinema does not show what happens to women reaching a certain age, and that they even educate us not to love their own bodies. “It’s as if everything around us reminds us how imperfect we are when we don’t look like a model. I knew that Nancy (her character) would not go to the gym, but rather would spend the day eating cookies and would have a normal body, one of a woman over 60 years old who has had two children, “explained the British actress at the Berlin festival. “The hardest thing I’ve ever done is look at myself in the mirror and not try to poke my belly or turn around, just keep looking at myself, see my body as it is. It is something that she had never done as an actress.


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