Monday, October 3, 2022
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Danna Paola bursts with joy at how her fans modified one of her greatest hits

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Mexican singer Danna Paola bursts with joy at how her fans modified one of her greatest hits, which continues to be viral

The Mexican singer Danna Paola is still on everyone’s lips after the premiere of her most recent and successful single “XT4S1S”, which since its launch has accumulated more than 6.2 million views in the official video clip, but more than 21,548 million through the famous music streaming platform Spotify. Without a doubt, she has become one of the best young pop offerings thanks to her innovative and daring creations.

In addition, she is one of the most relevant influencers on the internet, since she accumulates millions of followers in each of her social networks, precisely where she gave something to talk about during the last hours by making a call for her fans, in order to obtain a new version of her most recent music.

Among them, two users stood out who were recognized by the singer herself thanks to her vocal and creative abilities, since writing a new verse is much more complicated than it seems, it is about, but still give the story a turn that no one expected.

Because they were the best, at least so far, they earned the opportunity to be shared in a duo with Danna Paola herself, and thus they were able to gain a few dozen more followers, who will surely be watching what they do, publish or compose soon, and that it be published through their social networks.

The first calls himself Kendall Peña. Danna Paola’s video reaction reached 3.2 million views, more than 500 thousand likes and hundreds of comments, which is great for her, because she has an interesting story.

It turns out that she is also a musician, and has some songs already screwed up on her official Spotify and other online music services. Although it is not improvised and it also has a good fan base, to the point of having around 71 thousand monthly listeners and thousands of reproductions.

She was followed by Michael Maciel, who is also no stranger to the world of entertainment, because through her social networks it can be seen that she is an experienced singer, who has multiple songs, some of them of great impact such as “Escorpión” with Ramón Vega, that only through YouTube has more than 3.6 million views, while on TikTok she makes audiovisual creations for more than a million people.


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