Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Christian Nodal is the first regional Mexican artist to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine

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Mexican singer Christian Nodal stars on the cover of the renowned magazine. In turn, he is going through a great stage in his artistic career in the midst of all the scandals that he has recently experienced.

The singer Christian Nodal is now part of the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in Spanish . This time they called it “Nodal: Love, tattoos and two broken hearts.” The Mexican is going through a good moment in his professional career, this in the midst of the scandal that he recently experienced due to the inconvenience that arose with the Colombian J Balvin.

“ There was no dad, there was no mom. My parents were my grandparents . Once I wanted to jump from a second floor, thinking that it would hurt me, but my grandmother saved me, “reviewed the magazine. In addition, she detailed how difficult it was for him to achieve fame.

As if that were not enough, he also told how the outcome of his love affair with the singer Belinda was.

The clothing he used for the cover photo was quite close to the body , without losing the usual and striking style that has characterized him. It is seen how much of his tattoos cover his entire chest, while he wore cowboy boots and a shirt that exposes his arms.

The Mexican also drew attention to the earring he had, as well as the chains, and the diamond studs. Also, he wore a watch with grandiose stones.

The Mexican regional music singer has a big tour scheduled on his agenda that he plans to finish next November, in addition, it will be held in the United States where he is expected to perform hits such as ‘Botella after bottle’, ‘Adios amor’, ‘ The kisses that I gave you.

At 23 years old, he has tried to leave his name high for the achievements in his musical career , but he has had great inconveniences that have been highlighted. It is not only about the controversies generated after having ended his relationship with the singer Belinda.

Recently , Nodal was immersed in a great controversy with the singer of the urban genre J Balvin. Everything was generated after both were compared and the Colombian uploaded a photo where he asked what the differences were.

In turn, the interpreter of “Tell me how you want” showed his indignation when he considered that all this had been a joke for him, while no one asked him how he felt about it.


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