Monday, October 3, 2022
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Carmen Villalobos surprised her fans with wearing a white bodysuit

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Known for her sexy outfits, Carmen Villalobos surprised her fans with a video in which she appears before going to an event, wearing a white bodysuit; The actress continues as host of the reality show “Top Chef VIP”.

Carmen Villalobos knows how to perfectly combine elegance with sensuality in her outfits, and now she was seen before going to a book presentation, looking very sexy wearing a tight white body full of transparencies, which she covered with a black suit.

The combination of black and white enchants the beautiful Colombian actress, who also shared a video in which she appears getting ready in front of the mirror and dancing to the rhythm of Rosalía’s “Bizcochito” song. The message that she wrote about her post was: “When I go to social networks and see everything they invent about my life and EVERY DAY A NEW NEWS. Go down 3 lines”.

That text by Carmen surely refers to the news that a journalist recently released, about the actress being able to be having an affair with the Argentine Horacio Pancheri, who participates in the reality show “Top Chef VIP”, hosted by Villalobos and which is having good success.


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