Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Aleida Núñez shared a brief recording from the gym while exercising with tight red leggings

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The actress Aleida Núñez shared a brief recording in which she was seen while she trains with a tight red sports outfit

Aleida Núñez dazzled her Instagram followers with a video in which she recorded herself while she worked out in the gym, where she wore tight red leggings.

The beauty and curvaceous silhouette of the Mexican actress Aleida Núñez continues to attract attention within social networks, where she enjoys sharing details of the projects in which she participates, trips she makes and the discipline she has maintained for several years that has resulted in a body worthy of admiration.

It is for the above that she does not tire of stating that one of her most important activities in her day-to-day life is the demanding exercise routines, which is why she has even shared some videos from the gym while she was exercise.

That is how she shared a few days ago through the stories of her official Instagram profile a short recording in which she was seen while training. Although the video only remained online for 24 hours, it was taken up by other social networks, where she wore her statuesque silhouette in a tight red sports outfit.

But this has not been the only time that the native of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, manages to make her loyal fans fall in love, since she has also been seen while doing exercises to strengthen her abdomen and legs with the help of weights that, according to what she declared A few days ago for Grupo Reforma, it is an important part of their routines since they help them grow muscles in specific areas of the body.

On this occasion, the actress from the TelevisaUnivisión telenovela ‘Corazón Guerrero’ appeared with leggings and a pink top, completely tight garments with which she once again dazzled and caused a shower of compliments.

“Choose good habits“, she wrote as a description of the video that was reproduced more than 25 thousand times.

But Aleida Núñez has not only become known for the sensual videos from the gym, since she has also joined the list of celebrities who share images through exclusive content platforms, in which she delights her audience wearing tiny clothes .


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