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People “hack” their BMW cars to access functions blocked by micropayments

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For better or worse, paying for DLC or extra features is normal in the video game industry. However, can you imagine having to purchase a monthly subscription to access certain features in your own car? Incredible as it may seem, the above is already a reality. Naturally, not all people are happy with this situation and are already looking for alternatives to skip migropayments.

As we told you a few weeks ago, the German manufacturer BMW announced a subscription system that will allow consumers to access functions of their cars such as heated seats . That’s right, the concept of microtransactions is in the automotive world and everything indicates that it is here to stay.

With this in mind, it’s worth noting that it’s not new for companies to charge for extra vehicle features. To a certain extent, it is normal for a car to have 2 models: one that includes basic functions and another that includes premium features.

However, the BMW case sparked customer outrage because it is a software lock that prevents the heated seats from activating. This means that users must pay to activate a mechanism that is already in the car and fully functional.

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Although piracy in the digital world is a very old concept, it is relatively new in the field of physical products. As highlighted by the PC Gamer portal , some people are looking for ways to “hack” their vehicles to access features that are blocked by a paywall.

Along these lines, Litchfield Motors, one of the UK’s largest specialist car customization and enhancement companies, helps customers unlock digital features in their cars. And yes, it seems that they can activate the BMW seat heaters.

Iain Litchfield, owner of Litchfield Motors, stressed once again that the auto industry has been familiar with restricting functions to owners for many years. However, he points out that such features are often related to software such as light assists or digital maps.

Thus, the case of BMW is particular because customers, despite owning the physical car, cannot activate a piece of hardware if they decide to forego the monthly subscription.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Do you think that the situation will worsen over time and that there will be more and more limitations? Let us read you in the comments.


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