Thursday, December 1, 2022
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PayPal Cashback Mastercard Credit Card , and Will Give 3% Cash Back When You Pay With PayPal

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The proposal will be valid both with payments in physical stores and in online payments or mobile payments, for the time being in the United States, increasing the percentage it had before from 2 to 3%. The idea is that they offer the card to new customers through the PayPal mobile application and on their website.

In addition to updating the cashback percentage, they’ve also changed the user interface for card management, so it’s now easier to view rewards, manage purchases, and make payments.

With the previous card, customers had to wait a monthly statement cycle to access the rewards, now it can be done in one day, and they will be able to choose how to use those rewards. It will be possible to make purchases with statements, shop at retail stores, or transfer funds to a linked bank account.

In order to get off to a strong start, they offer a $100 cash back bonus on the first $500 spent on the card, which has no annual fee.

PayPal knows how to move in its sector, it knows how to win the trust of customers when they make international transfers, and it knows how to keep the consumer attentive, who is already used to seeing many new features on the platform. Unfortunately, we are talking about one of the platforms that charges the highest commission for each transfer made, so it is clear that nothing is perfect.


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