Friday, December 2, 2022
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What happened to Patrizia Bonetti? “She got burned in the trial by fire. She is under observation”

The influencer lands on the island last episode and loses his place against Roberta Morise. Patty therefore had to go to Playa Sgamada but there is no trace of her. Ilary explains what happened

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Everything can change and so it is. In the last episode t king new castaways landed in Playa Accoppiada, but being the game of couples only two remained. Blind wins in televoting, for the influencer Patrizia Bonetti and the showgirl Roberta Morise instead the place will depend on the trial by fire.

Island of the famous 2022, accident for Patrizia Bonetti

The two women are confronted with two flames and show that the “weak” sex is actually the strong one. The two competitors do not give up and both resist 3.51. After a replay sent by the director, however, we see that patrizia has moved slightly, so the test is won by Roberta. So while Roberta remained on Playa Accoppiada paired with Blind, Patty should have reached Jovana Djordjevic, Roger Balduino, Marco Melandri and Cicciolina on Playa Sgamada. But this did not happen. In fact, Patrizia is not there again tonight, but she has ended up.

Here’s how it is

“Patrizia is fine, but in the last episode she was burned in the fire test so we prefer to keep her under observation.” With these words, Ilary Blasi herself explains what is happening and what happened to the influencer. So Patrizia will probably arrive in the next episode.


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