Competition for Space-Flights grows as Blue Origin launches its second ‘New Shepard’ rocket

The competition for Space-Flight Missions between Private Companies is growing rapidly with every passing day. We already know about SpaceX, Virgin, and Boeing. But now a new Contender for space flights has taken a giant step. Blue Origin, the company founded by one of the richest man on Earth, Jeff Bezos, has successfully launched its ‘New Shepard’ rocket for the […]

Outriders: How Good is the New Steam Hit?

In early April, we saw the official release of Outriders, the most recent game of People Can Fly and the japanese company Square Enix, which is being a bestseller and has overtaken Valheim to become the finest steam release so far. However, we all saw how during the first few days of release, the overwhelming majority of players suffered constant […]