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Pablo Lyle Asks the Judge Not to Renew His Bail

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Mexican actor Pablo Lyle, who is accused of homicide after a car incident in Miami three years ago, asked a judge on Tuesday to remove all the conditions of monetary guarantees stipulated so that he can remain free and only leave him the electronic monitor GPS tracking your movements.

“We are going to ask the court to modify the bail conditions to exclude payments and allow only current electronic monitoring,” Lyle’s attorney, Philip Reizenstein, said at a brief hearing held by Zoom.

“Our request is that the court allows him to remain free with an electronic monitoring system without any type of restriction or additional monetary requirement,” he added after explaining that the actor does not represent a flight risk and has economic difficulties as a result of the costs. of the judicial process.

What the actor is asking is that the $45,000 bail not be renewed and instead be allowed to expire on Friday as scheduled. State Judge Diana Vizcaino, however, did not immediately grant the request and set a new hearing for Friday.

Lyle, who remained connected to the hearing by Zoom but did not comment, is due to appear in person on Friday, the judge said.

His lawyer explained that one of the reasons why he is asking for the bail to be raised is because the actor has complied with all the bail requirements and has appeared at each of the virtual and face-to-face hearings that have been held. in the court. Even, he said, he himself called the police and turned himself in, and traveled to Mexico and returned before Juan Ricardo Hernández died, days after the incident.

The other reason, he indicated, is because they have been mediating with the other party for a long time and he himself must cover the expenses since Lyle has not been allowed to work since he was arrested in April 2019.

“There really is very little money here and all you pay is wasted money on a guarantor,” the attorney said. “There is no reason at this time to set monetary bonds,” he considered, after explaining that the travel documents were also handed over to the authorities.

The prosecution, however, did not seem so convinced of the request and said that although until now they had not been concerned about a possible escape from Lyle, the conditions have not changed for the bail to be modified.

According to prosecutors, if there is a monetary bond there is less risk of the actor absconding.

Lyle is accused of a vehicular incident that occurred in March 2019, when his brother-in-law was transporting him, his wife and their two children to the airport, and his car crossed paths with that of Hernández, a 63-year-old Cuban who later died in a hospital due to brain injury.

According to security video footage, Hernandez got out of his car at a red light and approached the window of Lyle’s vehicle to claim that his path had been blocked. The actor’s brother-in-law got out of his car and argued with Hernández, but when he saw that his vehicle was moving, he returned.

Lyle, who until then had remained in the passenger seat, got out, ran towards Hernandez and punched him in the face, according to those images.

Hernandez was left lying on the floor, alone, as Lyle and his family’s vehicle drove away. A few hours later, the actor was detained at the Miami airport when he was preparing to travel to Mexico.

Hernandez died four days later at a hospital from a brain injury caused by the trauma.

Lyle has said he acted in self-defense because he feared the Cuban would attack him with a gun. Those allegations, however, were dismissed by another judge and by a higher court, which returned the case to the Miami court to go to trial.


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