Outriders: How Good is the New Steam Hit?

Outriders: How Good is the New Steam Hit?

In early April, we saw the official release of Outriders, the most recent game of People Can Fly and the japanese company Square Enix, which is being a bestseller and has overtaken Valheim to become the finest steam release so far.

However, we all saw how during the first few days of release, the overwhelming majority of players suffered constant server errors and disconnections, in addition to having deactivated the crossplay function which lets PC gamers to play with their friends on Playstation and Xbox easily.

Square Enix also recently released a press release in which it discussed about the first patch for Outriders, which would fix most of the problems Gamers are going through in the game, some of them are highly sought after.

And not just that, As a ‘Thank You for the Support’ message, the People Can Fly Studio is also giving a FREE LOOT PACKAGE along with the update to thank the players for their constant support despite numerous server problems in the game.

So how good is the game? Is there anything unique about this game than other games made on similar genre?

Well after playing Outriders for 7 days since the launch of the game, I can tell that it is one of the most entertaining game of its genre.

I know that it is based on the same Science-Fiction story where Earth has been pretty much destroyed and We are looking for a new planet to settle in, and for this mission, our Character is sent on a mission in other Planet to help save humanity.

I know we all have seen such story in so many third-party shooters, but trust me, despite having such an obvious story-line, Outriders actually outperforms other games with similar story-line.

Here are the 3 things I liked the most about Outriders after 7 days of gameplay:

Futuristic Weapons– The thing I liked the most about Outriders is the Weapons. Although at the beginning we don’t get many weapons, but later as the game progresses, we get specific deadly weapons for specific tasks.

Also as the game can be played in four different classes (which we will talk about next), each class comes with its own set of weapons.

Four Different Classes– Like what I was talking about, Outriders comes with four different playable classes; Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Devastator. And each and every class comes with its own set of Weapons and Skills.

To be honest I liked Devastator the most, as it has immense defense power and combat skills. And the best part? It can regain its life by killing enemies! Amazing!! Isn’t it?

Beautiful Map– The Gameplay of Outriders revolves around the planet ‘Enoch’, and trust me, I loved each and every part of this map. It is full of magic and miracles.

At one time, it is full of sun light and serene view, and at another.. filled with utter darkness with a gloomy blue moon light, and yet at another moment.. it looks like a land which seems tarnished due to Nuclear reactions.

Nevertheless, the different atmospheres keep you glued to your Screens and make you want to explore each and every bit of the Map.

Although there can be more things that other players may like, like the supernatural powers our character gets after getting sapped by the Anomaly storm, OR the Sound Design which is done in such a way that each and every bullet coming out of your weapon sounds different and also the sounds of supernatural powers feel so futuristic, specially if you are on headphones. Everything here keeps your attention ‘In the Game’.

I personally loved Outriders despite its story being very similar to other Science-fiction third-party Shooter games. From Characters to Map to Sounds.. everything is so fun.

Although I have already finished the entire game, but as the People Can Fly studio has promised, we will be getting additional DLCs soon, so I can’t wait to get my hands on them and let you all know how good the game is going to get in future.


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