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Oppo Find X5 Pro, style and photography in a unique design

A smartphone that stands out thanks to particular aesthetic choices. A formidable competitor in the Android world

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When Oppo unveiled the Find X3 Pro, its design really came as a shock. A single mirrored glass panel on the back curves up, around and above the camera module. Unlike any other phone on the square. The Find X5 Pro is a legitimate child of its predecessor, with only a few minor differences in design, which we will see later.

No revolution means: most of the specifications are half steps forward compared to the 2021 flagship, optimizations and improvements that still justify the update. Wait a minute? What happened to the Find X4? Never existed, given that the number 4 is, for Asians, like our 17 (and also 13): it is better to skip it than risk bankruptcy.

The design of the Oppo Find X5 Pro

Oppo hasn’t changed much in design even though it’s not without its differences with the X3. The first relates to the camera module which is tilted. More than just a bottomless change – the idea is that the angle fits better with where users are likely to rest their index finger on their back. This not only provides a comfortable base when taking pictures but also prevents fingers from getting stuck and dirty on the lenses.

It’s a small change, but it has a surprising impact on the phone’s hold, with the weight of the camera and top now balanced to the grip. The other big change is the move to a ceramic back which, especially in the white version, makes for a truly beautiful object to look at and handle. In our gray, the difference with the glass is minimal except in everyday use, when we do not notice any fingerprints on the back. Ah, there is also a cover in the box. Ugly but useful.

The display is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus and has an IP68 rating, which means it should resist most damage from dust and water. On an aesthetic level, we have the Hasselblad logo which is located next to that of Oppo on the back.

Display e audio

Oppo’s latest Find X flagships have flaunted their display quality, and while the Find X5 Pro isn’t such a bold step forward it still boasts one of the best displays in the industry. With 6.7 inches it is a WQHD + LTPO AMOLED with variable refresh rate from 1-120 Hz and HDR support. This results in a detailed, high-resolution rendering with excellent color coverage and contrast and a refresh rate that offers super smooth animations and excellent battery optimization.

As you’d expect from a top of the range, we have stereo speakers, with a natural limitation in the bass, but the sound is crisp, clear and never muddled, which makes it good enough for watching YouTube videos or listening to something on Spotify.

The performance

The Find X5 Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, the latest from Qualcomm. Oppo has decided to offer only one version of the phone, with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, whether you like it or not without microSD support. Obviously there is 5G with support for the dual-SIM slot which allows you to use two 5G SIM cards at the same time (or one card and one eSIM). Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC complete the connectivity features.

The dimensions of the Find X5 Pro give the opportunity to include a 5000 mAh battery. However, given the high specs, the phone can drain faster than you might think, so it will need a recharge per day. Luckily the power supply is fast, with support for 80W wired and 50W wireless charging. A new “Battery Health Engine” helps protect the battery while charging and Oppo says the phone should maintain 80% of the battery. its full capacity after 1600 cycles, although it is always difficult to test such claims, from any company.

The photographic part

Oppo has made some interesting choices with the Find X5 Pro’s camera system, not always reasoned. We have two 50Mp main and ultrawide lenses, a 13Mp 2x zoom telephoto lens and a 32Mp selfie camera. There is no sign of the last micro-lens camera used on the Find X3 Pro, nor of any 5x or 10x zoom periscope lens. Oppo says it believes consumers are more interested in the quality and low-light performance of main lenses, and therefore has focused its efforts there.

There are two other elements to be aware of. The first is the hardware: Oppo has included its first dedicated hardware, MariSilicon X NPU. It is an additional 6 nm chip dedicated to image processing, which is essential for expanding the performance of the camera, especially in low light conditions. The other change is the software. As the large logo on the back reveals, Hasselblad introduces the same features found on last year’s OnePlus 9 Pro . This means the camera app now has Hasselblad’s orange accents and distinctive shutter sound, along with some new color filters and an XPAN that snaps in the unusual 65:24 aspect ratio.

Images are sharp and detailed across the three lenses, with warm colors that look lifelike, and with impressive color consistency across the three sensors. Any camera system at this price point will take great photos. The advantage of Oppo is in the capture of environments with low light. And this is where innovations really matter. Find X5 Pro holds its own against the Galaxy S21 Ultra and beats the iPhone 13 Pro .

Oppo Find X5 Pro, thanks to its photographic sector, is also the protagonist of the “Empower Every Moment” campaign announced in collaboration with National Geographic: a partnership that arises from the desire to explore and immortalize the world through Oppo technology. It is thanks to the 4K Ultra Night Video mode and the photographic performances of Find X5 Pro that Kiliii Yuyan, award-winning National Geographic photographer, was able to document his journey through Iceland, capturing its panoramas and sceneries, in all conditions. light.

The software

On board the Find X5 Pro is Android 12 with the proprietary ColorOS interface, which remains one of the best skins around. It is simple and easy to use, with a clearly structured settings menu and a wide range of customization options throughout the operating system.

Oppo promises three years of operating system updates, with a quarter of security patches, which should lead the smartphone to Android 13, 14 and possibly 15. It is not quite the long-term software support offered by Apple, but in the Google scenario only Samsung is doing better at the moment.

How much is it worth?

The price is by no means trivial: 1,299.99 euros. The Oppo Find X5 Pro is a beautiful and powerful phone that offers just about everything. Compared to other recent competitors, it excels in any field, without overdoing it. It has an excellent display, high performance, decent battery and charging, and a powerful, not perfect but great camera, all in a particular design. Find X5 Pro isn’t the best Android smartphone out there but it strives to be. What separates it from the top is neither under the body nor in the software but in the imagination of consumers. Convinced them the road will be downhill.


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