Monday, December 5, 2022
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North Korea: Kim Jong-un asks to prepare the country to “prevent and contain” atomic attacks

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The leader of North Korea , Kim Jong-un  pointed out to the high military officials of his country the need to maintain the “absolute superiority” of the North Korean forces and the use of atomic weapons as a deterrent against enemy forces.

The leader of North Korea , Kim Jong-un , has asked his country’s armed forces to develop capabilities “to prevent, contain and thwart” all kinds of attacks, including nuclear ones, by hostile forces, according to reports today. state media.

The North Korean dictator gave these instructions to the country’s military leadership during a meeting that took place on the occasion of the celebration last Monday of the great parade to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the North Korean army, the state agency KCNA reported this Saturday.

Kim Jong Untold national commanders the need to maintain the “absolute superiority” of North Korean forces and to “constantly develop the ability to prevent, fully contain and thwart all dangerous moves and threatening attempts” by “hostile forces.”

This includes “the escalation of nuclear threats” by the enemy, according to quotes attributed to the leader, who also asked the military leadership “to open a new phase of development” of the Northern forces “if necessary.”

Expansion of nuclear weapons capacity

Kim Jong-un  also stressed that the regime’s “tremendous offensive power” and “overwhelming military muscle” is its “lifeline” and the key to its “future” in the current context of “clash of forces”, where “getting strong ” is the only way to “preserve dignity, rights and interests,” he said.

The leader of North Korea thus launched a message along the same lines that he expressed during the parade at the beginning of the week, where he said that his country will expand its nuclear weapons capacity “as quickly” as possible and that it will prepare thoroughly to be able to employ atomic deterrence at any time.

“Our essential mission is to deter to avoid a war scenario, but we cannot allow our nuclear weapons to be limited only to prevent a war waiting for a situation that we wish never to see on this earth,” added the leader.

The parade took place after North Korea has tested a record number of projectiles so far this year and has placed special emphasis on improving its tactical capabilities, which means being able to carry out more precise and damaging attacks at the regional, while satellites continue to detect preparations for a possible imminent nuclear test, which would be the first since 2017.


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