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When does California plan to ban sales of new gasoline cars and why?

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The California government announced a plan that will ban the sale of new gasoline cars. We explain why and when the measure comes into force.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted Thursday on a landmark plan, which seeks to address climate change and harmful pollution by moving the nation’s largest auto market away from the internal combustion engine. , according to npr.

The regulation will phase out the sale of new gasoline-powered cars, trucks and SUVs in the country’s most populous state. Additionally, CARB set a date for a total ban on new sales of these vehicles.

When does California plan to ban sales of new gasoline cars and why?

It’s worth noting that such a ban won’t stop people from using gasoline-powered vehicles or apply to the used car market, but California officials say it will slash the state’s greenhouse gas emissions and notorious dirty air in order to to accelerate the transition process to electric vehicles.

“California now has an innovative and world-leading plan to achieve 100% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035,” said State Governor Gavin Newsom. “It’s ambitious, it’s innovative, it’s the action we need to take if we’re serious about leaving the planet better for future generations,” he added, according to npr.

The regulation could have major repercussions for the country’s auto manufacturing industry as well as in the fight against climate change, since transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to warming in the country. Faced with this problem, experts have pointed out that drastic cuts in these emissions are crucial to providing a habitable future on the planet.

Thirteen other states, including Oregon, New York and Colorado, are expected to follow California’s auto emissions standards.

On the subject, a report from the American Lung Association earlier this year found that a nationwide shift to zero-emission vehicles by 2035, as California seeks, would generate more than $1.2 trillion in public health benefits between 2020 and 2050 and would prevent up to 110,000 premature deaths.



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