Monday, September 26, 2022
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The White House Defends Its Covid Protocols After Recent Internal Infections

The Director of Communications said staff are undergoing routine testing. If they test positive, workers must self-isolate and follow CDC guidance

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The White House defended its internal protocols against covid-19 on Tuesday after the latest infections in its communication team and assured that it is a “safe” space, especially for the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

This was expressed at a press conference by the director of Communications of the White House, Kate Bedingfield.

This after government spokeswoman Jen Psaki and deputy spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre tested positive for covid.

The White House takes precautions seriously.

“The White House takes the precautions and guidelines from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) very seriously to ensure that this is a safe workspace, especially for the president,” said Bedingfield, who today replaced Psaki at his daily press conference.

The Director of Communication affirmed that all officials who maintain contact with Biden are tested for covid-19 on a regular basis.

In addition, he announced that the president will take more tests than usual this week due to his trip to Europe last week.

Meet CDC guidelines

He also assured that all White House staff who test positive must self-isolate as per CDC guidelines, which recommend a five-day quarantine, and must test negative before returning to work.

“Therefore, we take all, all measures to ensure that we are protecting our staff,” he reaffirmed.

Biden came out negative after covid test

The last time Biden took a test was on Monday, and it was negative, so he was able to receive Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in the Oval Office on Tuesday, Bedingfield said.

Psaki announced on March 22 that he had tested positive for Covid and would not be able to accompany Biden on last week’s trip to Europe to address the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Precisely, after returning from that visit, Jean-Pierre reported on Monday that he had been infected, but clarified that his last meeting with Biden was with “social distance” and that the president was not considered a “close contact.”

The White House lifted the mandatory use of masks in early March, after the CDC announced a relaxation of that measure in almost the entire country.


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