Monday, June 27, 2022
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The particular reflection of Alberto Fernández on how “Americans” live the increase in inflation

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From declaring war against inflation to “it is what we have to live with”. President Alberto Fernández today referred to the rise in prices in the country – which has already accumulated 29.3% so far this year – and also reflected on the situation in the United States, which has skyrocketed in the last month and has already reached its record in 41 years.

“We want Argentina to continue growing and producing,” the President assured today. However, he stressed : “We know that we are fighting against a global phenomenon and that in Argentina it is stronger, which is the inflationary phenomenon.” The president’s statements were given within the framework of a political act that began the expansion works of water treatment plants in Santa Fe and Rosario.

In this sense, Fernández considered how the price increases that have led to a historical inflation rate should impact the American people. “Today I was listening to a speech by [United States President Joe] Biden explaining to Americans (sic) the inflation they are experiencing and I thought… How will Americans who had no idea what inflation was receive this news ? ”, observed the President today.

And he added: “Well, it’s what we have to live with.”

To conclude, Alberto Fernández closed: “Like many of us, we are Peronists and we put our chests to the problem . I am lucky that those who are not Peronists also put their chests to it, all united, all together we are going to put Argentina on its feet.”

Albert’s speech

Between darts at the opposition and reflections on inflation and the lack of diesel in the country, the President asked the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation to deal with the Federal Justice Reform bill promoted by the Government, which achieved half sanction in August 2020 . “Rosario and Argentina need it,” he assured when starting the expansion works of the water treatment plants in the capital of Santa Fe and Rosario.

President Alberto Fernández at the beginning of the works for the expansion of the water treatment plants in Santa Fe.

After referring to multiple projects promoted by the ruling party, Fernández said: “I am going to tell you about some of them now. I sent a law to reform the Federal Justice that the Senate dealt with and the Chamber of Deputies did not want to deal with it with the argument that it was seeking someone’s impunity . The truth is that the only thing that has been achieved is the impunity of drug trafficking and the large criminal corporations that have settled in Argentina.”

After that, he added: “And there was a place that worried us: Rosario . The law was stranded and days ago, speaking with the governor, he told me about an idea that the senators and deputies of Santa Fe had, which was to convert into law part of the law that I sent to speed up those trials and end that fight as soon as possible. that he has against drug trafficking. And I told him: ‘Let them do it!’ And I want to say from here that I publicly ask the National Congress to debate this law as soon as possible and remove it because Rosario and Argentina need it”.


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