Monday, June 27, 2022
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The Biden War: Hunter in trouble for relations with China and Ukraine. Russia: “We have evidence”

The latest news of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Hunter Biden's situation is complicated: President Joe's son allegedly received 4.8 million dollars from a Chinese company, but the Russians also have evidence of his funding for Ukrainian laboratories where pathogens are processed.

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In times of war it is always difficult to distinguish propaganda from real news , especially now that we are in the age of fake news and manipulations. That said, it can hardly be denied that the issues surrounding Hunter Biden are putting Dad Joe in great trouble.

Yesterday can be defined as a horror day for the second son of the American President, who has long been in the crosshairs of the Kremlin, but also of the overseas press, for his relations with Ukraine which have also resulted in the Ucrainagate , or the first request for impeachment made against Donald Trump .

Taking a further step back, we need to get to 2014 when in Ukraine shortly after the tumultuous end of the government led by Viktor Yanukovych, for many analysts behind the overthrow was the hand of the White House, Hunter Biden with his father at the time became vice president member of the board of directors of Burisma Holdings , a genuine Ukrainian gas giant led by the controversial oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, considered the deus ex machina of Volodymyr Zelensky ‘s political limelight .

If Trump on the phone with Zelensky in 2019 asked the Ukrainian president to find evidence to discredit his challenger’s son in the presidential elections, under penalty of suspension of economic aid from the US, Russia has now announced that it has burning documents in its hands.

” The Russian Defense Ministry has a correspondence between Hunter Biden, the son of the President of the United States, with employees of the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Pentagon contractors, confirming his crucial role in providing funding for work with the pathogens in Ukraine – we read on Ansa – This was stated by the head of the Russian radiation protection forces, chemical and biological, Igor Kirillov at a press conference, as reported by Tass. The existence of this material is confirmed by the Western media, he added ”.

The accusations for Biden son never ended. The Washington Post revealed that the scion would receive $ 3.8 million from Cefc , one of China’s largest private companies, through consulting contracts.

In a hybrid war like this, where bombings intersect with sanctions and various intelligence dossiers, issues concerning his son Hunter could further collapse the popularity of Joe Biden in the United States : with the November midterm election coming to an end. approaching, very difficult months are announced for the Democrats.

The main news of the war between Ukraine and Russia

The gas war

New chapter in the sort of “war within war” which has gas as its protagonist, or rather the payment method (in rubles) requested by Vladimir Putin for supplies concerning countries defined as hostile, including Italy, due to sanctions imposed on Russia following the Ukrainian invasion.

If the phone call between Draghi and Putin could be interpreted as a first step towards an agreement, so much so that even the Kremlin admitted on the sidelines that the payment in rubles would take longer, now the situation would seem to have precipitated again.

” Nobody sells us anything for free, and we will not even do charity works – said Putin, jolting all the Western secretariats – This means that the existing contracts, in case of non-payment of gas in rubles, will be interrupted “.

These words caused an immediate rise in the price of gas, with the European commissioner Paolo Gentiloni who immediately thundered: “ Contracts must be respected and in existing contracts there is no obligation to pay in rubles. Second: we will not be blackmailed by Moscow ”.

Still fear in Chernobyl

The Chernobyl power plant, long abandoned but still containing the protective sarcophagus of the infamous reactor 4, was one of the first conquests by the Russian army immediately after the outbreak of the war.

After a whole series of alarms due to the power outage, the latest news speaks of the Moscow forces that would have fled the area with the power plant once again under Ukrainian control.

From what is learned, the reason for the retreat may be that some Russian soldiers, after digging trenches in the heavily contaminated area of ​​the adjacent Red Forest, were reportedly hospitalized in Belarus due to exposure to nuclear radiation.

The refugee emergency

According to the latest bulletin of the Interior Ministry, since the war began over 78,021 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Italy: in detail, these are 40,204 women, 7,659 men and 30,158 minors.

Compared to the previous day, the increase was 1,174 people who arrived in our country: for the UN, at the moment there are already over 4 million refugees generated by the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

In recent days, during a press conference, the Civil Protection illustrated how the reimbursements for those hosting refugees will work: 300 euros per month (150 euros for minors) for each refugee for a maximum of three months.


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