Monday, October 3, 2022
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Biden confirms the death of Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri: “Justice has been done”

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the president of USA, Joe Biden confirmed this Monday that by his order the US government killed the leader of Al Qaeda Ayman al Zawahiri in an anti-terrorist operation carried out by a drone in Kabul (Afghanistan) over the weekend.

In a televised appearance from the balcony of the White House Blue Room late Monday, Biden said that with al Zawahiri’s death “justice has been done” and that the world should no longer fear this “ruthless and constant killer”.

The president addressed all those around the world who want to harm America.” and assured them that their country will always remain vigilant and ready to act when it comes to defending the safety of American citizens.

Al Zawahiri was killed on Sunday morning in a residence in Kabul, specifically at 6:18 local time (1:48 GMT), when he was on the balcony of the residence where he was staying and a drone fired two Hellfire missiles at him.

According to the White House, only the leader of Al Qaeda died in the operation, and there was no collateral damage, not even the members of his family who were staying with him, something that Biden himself had insisted on several times and which he had set as one of the conditions to proceed with the attack.

Biden’s authorization came a few days before the attack, on Monday, July 25, after several weeks of meetings with his military and intelligence leadership.

US intelligence had been confirming for months through multiple sources and different methods that it was indeed Ayman al-Zawahiri who lived in that house, from which he never left and was only exposed when he was on the balcony.

As indicated in a call with journalists by a senior US government official, the US came to have “a high degree of confidence” that al Zawahiri lived in that house in Kabul.

The Al Qaeda leader moved to the Afghan capital with his family earlier this year from Pakistan and, according to the White House, the septuagenarian still posed a threat to US citizens, interests and national security.


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