Monday, June 27, 2022
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A ‘Valley of Fire’ Erupts 12,000 Miles Into the Sun, Causing an Explosion on Earth

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On April 3, 12,000 miles. Valley of Fire opened on the Sun’s surface, triggering a coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth.

UK Met Office officials said the sun has passed twice. Filament explosions’, with the first occurring on Sunday April 3 and the second on Monday April 4. Meteorologists have confirmed that both eruptions have triggered CMEs, which are waves of charged plasma emitted from the Sun’s atmosphere.

When the CME affects the Earth, it interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, and this interaction between charged particles from the Sun and the Earth’s atmosphere can be seen in the form of aurora borealis as the southern/northern lights. Additionally, large CMEs can cause a lot of trouble for Earth, as they can disrupt satellite communications, power grids, GPS, and even power grids.

As for the next military medical blocks, officials can only confirm that one will hit the ground, and further study is needed to confirm the direction of CME II. Space weather forecasters believe the CME will impact Earth on April 6 at 10 am EDT and cause a moderate geomagnetic storm that NOAA classifies as G1 or G2 on a five-point scale.


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