Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Netflix and support for live streaming: the company is thinking about it

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Netflix may already be working on a new feature that will allow users to access live shows. Through the novelty, users will be able to view events as they occur, such as eventual reunions, or even competitive shows in which they could directly intervene (such as with a voting function).

The news was anticipated by Deadline as an indiscretion, and has not yet been confirmed by the development team. If it were implemented Netflix could use the feature to broadcast live specials, such as its Netflix Is a Joke Fest which was recently held in Los Angeles for several days. Over 130 comedians attended during the event dates, with Netflix streaming on-demand shows recorded between May and June. With the new live streaming option, however, Netflix may broadcast its or other third-party shows as they unfold.

Netflix, live content on the way?
At the moment Netflix is ​​keeping the strictest secrecy on the news, probably to keep it hidden until the date of the announcement. L’I land in the world of live streaming seems likely, as some of the biggest rivals have already entered the industry. These include Disney Plus, which this year broadcast the Academy Awards and where you can also find other television shows of great importance. Even Amazon, with Prime Video, offers the possibility to access the playback of live events (for example sporting events).

In the latest quarterly analysis Netflix said it had lost subscribers for the first time in over a decade, while Disney Plus managed to add 7.9 million new users in the first quarter of 2022. To try to limit the decline in subscribers and – consequently – useful, Netflix said it will handle password sharing more tightly, and add a cheaper, ad-supported subscription option.


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