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NBA, Greg Oden talks about alcohol addiction problems

The former first overall pick in the NBA Draft starts from a blank sheet of paper

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Greg Oden ‘s competitive parable , as dazzling as it is short, has left evident marks not only in recent NBA history. The most obvious negative aftermath, unfortunately, involved the former prodigy from Ohio State University in first person. Oden reviewed his turbulent early career history in a two-part interview granted to The Next Chapter podcast . A chat without filters, which returns to the listener the portrait of the absolute first choice at the 2007 NBA Draft in all its complexity.

The frailties of Greg Oden: the ups and downs of the NBA career

The moments of weakness, linked to the vicissitudes on and off the pitch, have studded the life of Oden. Problems with alcohol and drugs have strongly affected him. Here are some passages from his account of addiction:

“There were two different circumstances. The first was when I was in Portland and I realized I had to get drunk. I took two Vicodin, two Percocet, Advil or Tylenol, two Benadryls and had to look for alcohol to sleep four hours a night – it lasted a good six months. At the time I was suffering from bulimia, I was in my third or fourth NBA season, when the operations began to add to each other. […]

The second time was after the season in Miami: I was arrested for domestic violence, I no longer recognized myself as a person, went to rehab and was on probation. After staying clean for six months, I realized I could stop. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t drink from then on, but I learned a few things: I don’t like liquor at all, hagover after a drink was terrible, I only drink wine and a beer every now and then. Now I’m not looking for excesses, I’m not the college drinker, the one who drains everything you put in front of him. I don’t have to anesthetize something now. Yes, I have yet to deal with injuries but I am not trying to numb my body or my thoughts. At the time I drank for that reason, to silence external noise, from social networks to expectations about me: In the past there has been a very rapid rise and many lows, addiction, loneliness, depression. Now I’m trying to be happy for my daughter’s sake, I want to be a better example. “

Oden now starts again as assistant to Butler, in the collegial world that gave him so much and demanded the same from him. Turning the page, for a new chapter, is the imperative.


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