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Natalia Paris talks about her boyfriend, 15 years younger than her: “It was love at first sight”

The details were told by the model and DJ from Antioquia, after assuring that she is in love with the man who is now her manager and with whom she has "chemistry".

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At least that’s how she confirmed it in the recent print edition of Vea, where she uncovered from how she met Rafael Duarte, her current partner, until her daughter, Mariana, is doing well with ‘Rafa’ .

According to the story of the famous, she and her love were “united by work” .

“He is a concert impresario and I am a musician. We coincided in an event of Luciano, our favorite DJ. ‘Rafa’ was the promoter of the event and I was the DJ to play. It was love at first sight. There was a lot of energy, chemistry and things in common!”, the paisa narrated in the magazine.

Who is Natalia Paris ‘s boyfriend

In addition to being a music entrepreneur, on his public Instagram account he states that he is his girlfriend’s manager (she even says they are “a winning team”) and CEO-Talent Buyer of  EventMaster Entertainment.

From a personal point of view, the model described him in her statements as “a very hard-working man”, who “has a brilliant mind” and “a winner’s mentality”, and “incredibly intelligent”.

Likewise, the Colombian celebrity pointed out in the publication that her boyfriend is “handsome” and, when asked his age -because although he is younger “they look very contemporary”, according to the aforementioned medium-, the famous only expressed that she is older, but that has not been an impediment for them to love each other .

“I will be 15 years older than him, according to the ID, but since my concept of time is different from that of many, I only think about that because you ask me (laughs),” the Antioquian, who does not usually go up to social networks many photos with your partner.

However, Rafael has shared some postcards and these are four of those snapshots. In one of the ‘posts’, he told the Colombian star: ” I’m going to love you all my life ♥️ You and Mariana are everything to me.”


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How old is Natalia Paris?

Today she is 48 years old, but on August 12, 2022, the model and DJ from Antioquia turns 49 .

This means that, taking into account her statement, her boyfriend Rafael would be about 33 or 34 years old , because, according to her, their age difference is “15 years”.


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