Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Video: Murder of a Barranquilla woman in Riohacha

The cause of his death is still under investigation. The first hypotheses point to a case of rape and torture.

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Through social networks, a series of videos were released in which Inés Rafaela Álvarez Pérez, 19, was observed, who was later found dead on a beach in Riohacha, in La Guajira. In the images Álvarez Pérez is seen sharing with several friends, apparently in what would be a social gathering. They are seen sitting outside a house, listening to vallenatos and drinking alcohol. On several occasions, Álvarez Pérez is shown next to a woman who, apparently, would be his friend and they are surrounded by a group of men.

In another image, from a security camera, also spread through social networks, the young woman can be seen walking with a man through the streets of the city wearing the same clothes and shoes she was wearing when her body was found.

The man has not yet been identified by the authorities , but they are carrying out the search, based on the features that were exposed in the images. The body of Rafaela Álvarez Pérez was found near Anas Mai, a cultural and recreational center in Riohacha, by a group of fishermen who began their work at around 6:00 in the morning. The men immediately notified the authorities, who later arrived at the scene to examine the scene.

According to preliminary information, the body had signs of sexual violence and torture. In addition, what caught the attention of authorities and witnesses is that her pants were down to her knees, her tennis shoes were wet, and the remains of her blouse were completely torn. Despite the fact that, in the first instance, the identity of the young woman was not known, the authorities managed to identify that it was Rafaela Álvarez Pérez, so they notified her relatives. Her mother, who was in Barranquilla, the victim’s hometown, immediately went to Riohacha to identify and receive her body.

It was learned that one of the young women with whom Rafaela was sharing in the meeting gave her testimony to the authorities, but stated that she did not know anything about what happened. The young woman from Barranquilla leaves behind a two-year-old daughter, until now in the care of her mother, who has a disability condition due to being deaf and dumb.

Sicarios ended the lives of two people in Bogotá: this is what is known about the tragedy

Moments of panic lived some people who were in a commercial premises located in the town of Suba, in Bogotá, after armed individuals attacked a couple who was leaving the place with bullets. The fact was recorded during the morning of this Saturday in a place located on Calle 148 with Carrera 111A. The gunmen arrived there on a motorcycle, who without saying a word fired at both people .

A man died instantly at the scene due to the seriousness of his gunshot wounds , while the other victim, a woman, was taken to a hospital, but preliminary information indicates that the doctors were unable to save her life. The judicial authorities arrived at the site to carry out the respective removal of the body, as well as to open an investigation to establish the motives for this fact that generated fear among the citizens of this area of ​​the city.

Supported by security cameras in the sector, the authorities are also trying to identify the murderers, as well as establish the route by which they fled.


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