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Missing Addresses in Real Estate Advertisements

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We are often asked why no exact address is given in real estate advertisements. This can have various reasons, which we would like to briefly explain to you in this article.

Concerned real estate agents

Of course, every real estate agent knows the exact address of the property. But why doesn’t he state it in the ad? This is annoying for many seekers. The indication of approximate locations is sometimes unproblematic. But sometimes it makes a big difference where exactly an object is located. That’s why the annoyance that a property is advertised without a specific address is absolutely understandable.

Conversely, from the point of view of the broker, there are two hurdles that ensure that advertisements are often created without precise address information.

Sell-side privacy

The first factor is client privacy. If an exact address is given, it actually happens that some prospects simply go to the listed location. There are various problems here, including entering the property Experiences that must be avoided. Such behavior on the part of interested parties is of course extremely unpleasant not only for the seller, but also for the broker.

Order of the broker and competitive thinking

A second major factor that deters real estate agents from publishing accurate addresses is the agent’s confidence in doing the deal. There are two scenarios for this. The first option is for interested parties to find out from the land register who is currently the owner of the property and then contact the person directly. That’s how he can brokers are bypassed. Of course, he would like to avoid this at all costs.

A second factor is the competition of the real estate agent. Many brokers only accept marketing orders for which they have been exclusively commissioned . This means that the seller is not allowed to entrust a second broker with the sale. But some brokers are not commissioned exclusively. If the address of the property is known, competing realtors can contact the seller directly. They then try to get the contract to market the property. So they’re aggressively marketing the sell-side to get them to switch brokers. It’s not a particularly fine style, but it does happen in the tough real estate industry.


Anyone who wants to sell a property without the intervention of a real estate agent will also often not disclose the exact address. Especially people who live in the property themselves will not do that. There are several good reasons for this as well.

The first factor coincides with a reason that also counts for advertisements from real estate agents: curious prospective buyers who can’t wait to view the property suddenly just show up in front of the door. This is simply not possible and is very unpleasant for sellers.

Another point is that a property may still be partially furnished but no longer inhabited. If the exact address is known, this can be a real invitation for criminals. In the case of detached single-family homes in particular, safety should always have priority.

The third point should also not be underestimated. Privacy should not only be protected with regard to interested parties, but often neighbors should not know that a property is being sold. This is a double-edged sword. Neighbors might be interested in buying the property themselves. But it is often the case that the sale should not be disclosed to people you know personally.

The result is that many private sellers do not give an exact address in the advertisements. The address will only be disclosed after a telephone call or at least a written request. Some sellers even go so far as to photograph the object in such a way that the surroundings are not recognizable. In the pictures you don’t see the view that would be offered from the window. So should maximum protection of privacy is granted.


Agents have several reasons why they are not willing to provide the exact address of a property online. As soon as a written request has been made, the broker’s commission is already secured and details regarding the property – including the location – can be discussed. For searchers, this procedure is of course a bit more tedious than if every address is publicly visible at first glance.

Nevertheless, it must be said that the behavior of the seller and the broker is quite understandable. The result is that it can happen that you make an inquiry for some advertisements, but the exact micro-location will not convince you later. Unfortunately, there is no solution in sight for this fact, so it is best to yourself to arrange with this circumstance. In any case, aspects such as privacy and the need for security should be protected and respected. After all, these points are the same for all those who are looking for a property and therefore offers no one an advantage or disadvantage in the competition for the best real estate.


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