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Miami and Miami Beach are NOT the same; we tell you what their differences are

Two of the most visited places in Florida are Miami and Miami Beach, but what is different about them?

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Among the points of greatest visit by foreigners to the United States is Miami-Dade County , which belongs to the state of Florida . Year after year, thousands of tourists come to this county to get to know its more than 20 cities, among which Miami and Miami Beach stand out , so in this note we will tell you what the differences are in each city.

The areas of Miami-Dade County stand out for their large hotels, beaches and also for their diversity of architectural styles, as you will find large condominiums and buildings that will leave you impressed. While on the beach you can enjoy a completely different atmosphere, full of tourists, parties and water attractions. It is precisely for this reason that the City of Miami is so different from Miami Beach.

City ​​of miami

The city of Miami is characterized by being one of the most populous and cleanest in the United States, but above all for having such a diverse population between Latin Americans and other ethnic groups. In addition, in terms of language you can find places where Spanish is more predominant than English. Little by little, it has even become a flourishing site of interest for art and culture.

Among the points of greatest interest in the city are its neighborhoods, those that inspire visitors to explore the roots that Miami has and make it a colorful place with a different atmosphere. Among its best places is the plaza of the Miami-Dade Cultural Center, where the Historical Museum of South Florida and the Miami Art Museum are located. Another charming area is the Bayside Marketplace, full of a pleasant atmosphere worthy of a metropolis. Do not forget to admire its skyscrapers in the financial district,  which are completely spectacular, and when sunset comes its streets are deserted, so take this into account if you want to admire its buildings.


Another of the best places in the county is the island of Miami Beach, which is completely different from the city, its atmosphere is relaxed, but with a party atmosphere or if you go with your family, for a paradisiacal vacation. To get to the island you must go through one of the five elevated roads. Once you arrive you will be able to visit the two islands located south of Miami Beach, Dodge Island and Lummus Island, which make up the largest cruise port in the world.

While in the northern part there are the most urbanized areas and shopping centers such as the Harbor Spa, you will also find beautiful beaches such as Haulover Beach Park . Although it is one of the least known spots for tourists, here there are perfect waves for surfing.

Now that you know a little about each area, among the must-sees for tourists is South Beach, a neighborhood with beautiful buildings, entertainment areas, as well as perfect beaches to go with your friends; there is also Lincoln Road, Española Way, Ocean Drive, etc. As you will see, each of them offers you a different trip. Which one do you choose?


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