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Metrology, a Key Tool for Business Development

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How can we know that what we depend on gives us reliable and accurate measurements? A clock that tells the time, a meter that measures the distance at which you want to place a shelf or a weight on which you check that the diet you are following is paying off. Well, all these measurements depend on metrology.

What is Metrology

When speaking of metrology, we refer to a science that is responsible for studying measurements and their different applications , both theoretically and practically. In other words, metrology aims to study measurable properties such as:

  • The length
  • thermodynamic temperature
  • The weight
  • electric current
  • luminous intensity
  • the amount of substance
  • Time

This science is also dedicated to analyzing measurement unit systems. As well as the patterns, methods, measurement techniques, their evolution throughout history and metrological traceability.

Depending on what its functions are, metrology is divided into three main groups:

  • Fundamental or scientific metrology. Its purpose is to develop and maintain measurement standards. Testing and testing is essential for this metrological field.
  • Applied or industrial metrology. In this case, it ensures that the objects of measurement and the machinery used in industrial processes continue to work accurately in their measurements to avoid errors that ruin production and lead to millionaire losses.
  • Legal metrology. This field is aimed at ensuring the accuracy of measurement instruments whose results influence the transparency of commercial transactions, the health or safety of consumers, users or the environment. Examples are measuring devices such as electricity meters, water meters or breathalyzers with which the security forces certify whether or not a driver exceeds the blood alcohol levels permitted by law.

Why is metrology so necessary?

Metrology is an essential tool for the industrial sector . If we could not apply this science to the business world, it would be impossible to reach the minimum standards required in fields such as aerospace, medical, automotive, energy, mold manufacturing, etc.

Currently, production processes require increasingly accurate accuracy and precision. For example, when referring to the aerospace industry, when launching a rocket or a space probe, it is vitally important to be able to work with accurate data. An error in the measurement of a parameter can lead to a fatal error that ruins the lives of some people and causes them to lose investments in which millions of dollars are at stake.

The business world urgently needs this science, without which it would not be possible to produce products or offer quality services to consumers. In the same way, it contributes to reduce production costs and to obtain higher profit margins and obtain better business viability .

Although we do not know it or are not aware of it, metrology is constantly present in our lives. Daily acts such as looking at the time on the clock, talking on the phone or making a query in Internet search engines are processes that require measurement accuracy.

Another example: measuring the pressure levels in your car’s tires. This is a determining factor for your safety, since inadequate pressure can cause a road accident that can have very negative consequences for you and your loved ones.

Metrology as an exit to the labor market

Given the importance of this science, it is essential that it be developed thanks to the work of experts and professionals who have received the necessary training to be able to carry out all the metrological analyzes in their different fields.

As for the study, you have the opportunity to learn and become an expert in calibration and verification of measurement and testing equipment. As well as in statistics for laboratories or industry. In addition, you can choose between completing the training in person or remotely through a virtual school.

A world without metrology?

In short, metrology may not be an exciting science for the majority of the population; however, it has a determining influence on our lives, on everything we do, what we consume, what surrounds us. Without this science, all the data that we handled would not be valid and it would be impossible to reach the level of industrial and social progress that we enjoy today. It is, therefore, a science that is as invisible as it is necessary.


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