Monday, October 3, 2022
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Naturgy presents the worst energy recommendations on the market

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Naturgy (Natural Gas) continues to be immersed in the maelstrom of electricity and gas. With the added unknowns of Russia’s cut off of gas and what may come, it is one of the energy values ​​that analysts in the market least bet on, in addition to the general effects that the new tax on profits can bring to their accounts of the electrics.

Given this scenario, we find that their gaze, like that of other Spanish energy companies, as is the case with Acciona, is projected on Australia. The company will launch its first solar project in the country, which will consist of a solar and storage hybrid, with a capacity of 125MW and 220MW, respectively, and will be operational at the beginning of 2024.

All this while the company maintains contacts regarding the new energy measures of the executive with Minister Teresa Ribera in recent days, even more so with an eye on the Russian gas cut, given the contingency plan established by the executive with measures added to save energy and act in an emergency.

In its price graph we see that the value barely changes in the last month, although, since last August 17, it maintains losses like the Ibex, which in its case reaches 5.5%. So far this year, it barely yields 1% in the market.

However, analysts still do not see the value in the market well. Mediobanca has just revised its expectations for the sector and the worst recommendation, by far, is for the electricity and gas company with a sale advice on Naturgy by Mediobanca and a valuation of just 22.95 euros per share, well below below its current price. From Bankinter they also choose to sell with a price of 28.10 euros per share and an alleged 2.7% increase.

For the financial market analyst José Antonio González At Naturgy “doubts reappear at the level of the horizontal resistance area identified around €29.84 / €28.84 per share. At the same time, the MACD oscillator on a weekly time scale is showing bearish divergences that invite caution if what we are looking for is a purchase at current prices”.

And he also highlights that “the price has a wide margin of fall without this affecting a change in the underlying upward trend. The next support area to watch is €25.74 / €2,506 per share, as well as the growing fund guideline starting at €12.375.

Naturgy on weekly (Left) and daily (Right) chart with Average Amplitude Range in percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume.

Regarding the evolution of the technical indicators prepared by Investment Strategies, the vision of the value is clearly positive. In bullish mode and with an improvement of two points up to 8 total score for the value of the possible 10. In negative, the volume of business moves in the medium term, which is decreasing, and the volatility in its two aspects, in the medium and long term, which is increasing.

Among the best, without a doubt, the medium and long-term upward trend that hovers over the value stands out, with a total moment, slow and fast, which is positive, and the volume of business, in the long term, which is growing for Naturgy.

Meanwhile, for Investment Strategies, the senior Derivates Sales of XTB Joaquín Robles highlights that Naturgy “at the beginning of the year, registered strong falls with the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, to below 23 euros. Later it has managed to recover up to a channel between 25 – 30 euros per share. In future sessions we would have to watch the 26 euros, which could be a good entry point, waiting for it to recover within that same channel”.


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