Monday, September 26, 2022
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Blue Dollar Today: How Much Is It Trading for This Sunday, March 6

Look at the minute-by-minute price for the purchase and sale of the blue dollar today.

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The blue dollar is trading this Sunday, March 6, at $198.00 for purchase and $201.00 for sale. The gap between the blue and the official dollar is 84%.

In this way, the blue dollar remains stable compared to the last price.

The value of the blue dollar has a substantial difference with the official dollar, which is acquired in banks and has an established price.

How was the price of the blue dollar and its evolution in March 2022

Why is it called the blue dollar?

The blue dollar is the one that circulates on the black market and usually has a higher value than the official one. An explanation of its name indicates that it is so called because in English, “blue”, in addition to naming the color blue, refers to something “dark”.

Another theory relates it to purchase operations through bonds or shares of companies known as “blue chips” . They also link it to the approximate color that appears when a fibron is applied to detect counterfeit bills.

Origin of the blue dollar

The concept of the blue dollar began to be used in Argentina as of 2011, as a consequence of the restrictions for the acquisition of foreign currency that the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) and the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic began to apply under the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

These limitations gained a new impetus in December 2019, after President Alberto Fernández announced the Economic Emergency Law. There, the implementation of the tourist dollar and the 30% tax on the purchase of dollars for savings and tourism were promoted. It entered into force on Monday, December 23, when it was announced in the Official Gazette.

This generates that sectors that travel abroad opt for the purchase of dollars on the black market , thus generating an increase in the price of the blue dollar.

It should also be noted that the exchange rate is still in force and that, for this reason, the purchase of the official dollar is still limited by the Central Bank to only 200 dollars per month if it is carried out by online transaction or 100 dollars if it is carried out over the counter.


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