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Marina del Pilar promotes more works to bring water to all families in Baja California

2022/11/23 at 11:38 pm

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Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, governor of Baja California, waived up to 100% of surcharges and fines for non-payment of domestic, commercial and industrial users, as part of a strategy to regularize late payments for water service and increase the collection to execute the infrastructure works and thus be able to bring water to all the communities.
During the fifty-third edition of the “Wednesday Morning with Marina del Pilar” held in the city of Mexicali, the state president explained that, in order to obtain the 100 percent discount, it will be necessary to settle the debt in a single payment.

Marina del Pilar explained that you can also opt for a 100 percent discount on fines and 75 percent on surcharges if an initial contribution is made and the debt is covered in up to 12 monthly payments for domestic users and six monthly payments in the case of businesses. , industries and institutions.
“In Baja California, in the last 30 years, investment has been stopped to guarantee the supply of water throughout the State, that is why we have been carrying out a series of actions and a historic investment to remedy the abandonment and guarantee a State with access to water. water”, pointed out the Head of the Executive Power of the State.

In terms of infrastructure, Governor Marina del Pilar highlighted the progress of the RESPIRA program in the city of Mexicali, specifically in the axis of recovery of road flow and the multiplication of green areas.
She explained that work is being done on the expansion of the Islas Agrarias highway from Calle Novena to Carretera Abasolo, benefiting more than 95,000 people and investing 192 million pesos; Added to this work is the remodeling of the Gómez Morín boulevard from Terán Terán to Anáhuac, investing 106 million pesos and benefiting more than 180,000 Mexicali citizens.

Likewise, she highlighted the expansion to three lanes of Cetys Boulevard from Ninth Street to Abasolo Highway, with a benefit for 200,000 people and an investment of 70 million pesos.
It should be noted that, in 2023, work will begin on the Puebla ejido highway with an investment of 112 million pesos and a benefit for more than 200,000 Mexicalenses due to the expansion to three lanes of the road; The Lázaro Cárdenas – Venustiano Carranza boulevard node will also begin next year, with an investment of 350 million pesos.

Currently, she added, work is being done on an overpass bridge on the Calzada de los Presidentes (Río Nuevo) and Eje Central, benefiting 300,000 people and investing 50 million pesos.
Regarding the green areas, Marina del Pilar spoke of the importance that Laguna México Park will have as a large lung for Mexicali, with green areas, spaces for physical activity and recreation for children, the contemplation of nature and healthy coexistence among all people.

“With these works we are taking safe steps for the transformation of our cities,” said the state president.


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