Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Lis Vega closes her OnlyFans, but shares “PHOTOS in lingerie that defy Instagram censorship

The Cuban is one of the sexiest women on the small screen and on erotic content platforms

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The sensual Cuban actress, model and dancer, Lis Vega , is one of the figures of the show that has played the most on the OnlyFans erotic content platform, however, as announced a few weeks ago, she stopped making content for the platform and now she is focused on her dance projects, but not before leaving a couple of “gifts” for her fans.

Lis Vega, 44 years old, born on the island of Cuba and daughter of Lázaro Vega and Martha Elena Gálvez, usually shares on her social networks and on exclusive content platforms such as Only Fans , very well done photographs and videos that show her beautiful figure which has been in constant change since she arrived in our country as a very beautiful young lady and who was always compared to the natural rival of another exuberant vedette, Niurka Marcos .

Taking advantage of her beauty and the hip sway that has been her hallmark since she arrived in Mexico, the Cuban decided to open her OnlyFans account to improve her finances in the midst of a pandemic and things were not going badly for her, she charged $20 per subscription (about 400 Mexican pesos per month), which earned him about 11 thousand dollars in his first month.

Lis Vega has stood out as a generator of exclusive erotic content for her own benefit, taking into account her impressive physical figure that she has not lost since she was a young woman and started in the world of acting and dancing, an activity that she loves and in the who is quite an expert.
However, after some problems with different users who asked for content that already bordered on pornographic material, the actress decided to cancel her profile and focus on her own projects, both in dance, acting and in her role as a businesswoman.

“Yes, I closed my OnlyFans account, because they had already crossed the line with requests that only porn#”$% actresses could make,” Lis Vega said in an interview.

To continue working

Even Lis Vega said that a fictitious character was created to be able to upload her material and not feel uncomfortable, but over time her own subscribers asked for more and the dividends were going down, so it no longer seemed profitable to her and she decided to give a step aside, but not before offering a couple of generous “gifts” for his followers through his Instagram account.

Lis Vega has stood out as a model for Playboy, as an athlete (not very bright) in the Exatlón in its first season, in the house of Big Brother , as the protagonist of Aventurera alongside Carmen Salinas and in dozens of projects both in cinema, theater and in television and recently as a producer of her own projects.


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