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Lewis Hamilton changes his surname (he also takes that of his mother). And he is not the only one

On the eve of the first Grand Prix of the season, the Mercedes driver announces: I will be Hamilton-Larbalestier

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Lewis Hamilton gets back to talk about himself. And he does it again this time in a way that is dear to him: upsetting the rules. After running with a rainbow helmet to support the rights of the LGBT + community and wearing t-shirts with writings that, one after the other, formed a poemthe English champion decides to change his surname by adding that of his mother to that inherited from his father.

A very politically correct gesture, which turns the spotlight on an increasingly topical issue.

It is Hamilton himself, one of the strongest drivers in Formula One history , to explain the reason for his choice. “I don’t understand the idea that after a wedding a woman loses her surname,” he said during his participation in the Dubai Expo 2022, “so to give a signal I decided to change mine. We are working on it, I don’t know when it will happen, but it would mean a lot for my family.

The decision of Lewis Hamilton, an athlete with an exceptional physique , is destined to make jurisprudence, perhaps soon others will follow in his wake. But already in the past there have been other great champions who have chosen to bear their mother’s surname. 

Ayrton Senna

Perhaps few know that the Brazilian super driver, the fastest in Formula One history, had preferred his mother’s surname. Ayrton Da Silva Senna, was actually his full name, but for everyone he was and will always remain Senna. 

LeBron James

Star of the Miami Heat , LeBron is certainly one of the most acclaimed players on the basketball planet whose main point of reference is the NBA. Raised by his mother (he never knew his father), LeBron then took the surname of his parent Gloria James.

Ryan Giggs

Those who love football, especially British football, cannot fail to know Giggs, one of Manchester United ‘s best players of the last twenty years. Undisputed talent, Giggs is Welsh. As a child his name was Ryan J. Wilson, then his parents separated and he decided to take his mother Lynne’s surname. From now on, working hard on the pitch, his rise in football has been exciting. Giggs has become a high-quality midfielder, winning with the United shirt everything there was to win. 


For everyone it is the Apache, a nickname that he earned thanks to an indisputable Indian look. But as a kid, the one who would later become a great footballer was simply Carlos Alberto Martinez. His talent was already so evident that his first club, the Old Boys, did not want to sell him to Boca Juniors. Then his parents found a trick, to change his surname to that of his mother. 

Ashley Cole

In Rome he didn’t leave a great memory, but the English full-back is considered one of the best talents in his role. At Chelsea they remember him as a champion, many of his colleagues say they have never seen such a strong winger. Cole, at birth, was called Ashley Callander, then when he was only three years old Dad Ron left Mom Sue, who decided to give him her surname.

Garry Kasparov

In his sport you don’t run, but you certainly sweat. Because playing chess is really challenging and if you do it at the highest level a move can ruin a game and a career. Kasparov was born Garry Kimovich Weinstein , but when his father died (he was only seven years old) the Armenian mother decided, to avoid discrimination, to replace her son’s surname with a Russified version of her maiden name which was Kasparjan . With the surname Kasparov, the young Garry graduated world chess champion at only 22 years and 210 days, becoming the youngest ever to win the world title.


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