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Lemon ritual to cut negativity and attract abundance

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Know a very simple recipe to quickly eliminate negative energy, your life flows as you wish and abundance comes to you; you only need a lemon to do this ritual

Lemon is a citrus fruit that, in addition to being rich in vitamin C, has interesting and powerful energy benefits. Esoterics say that it is one of the most effective natural elements to cut negativity and attract abundance, you just have to know how to extract its spiritual properties.

The ritual that you will learn below works to remove bad energy and, after finishing it, you will feel a fresh and renewed vibe that will help you attract prosperity to your home. According to the famous astrologer Mizada Mohamed, author of this recipe with lemon, it helps to make money flow in your life.

The expert commented in a video that she published on her YouTube channel, that our own negativity, stimulated by anger, intolerance, impatience or constant complaints, is what prevents good things from happening to us.

What do we need for the ritual?

It is important to know that this ritual should be prepared on the first day of the new moon as early as possible. As for the materials, we will use a lemon, grain salt, 4 whole peppercorns, 4 cloves and an extended plate that is not metal or plastic.

Ritual procedure with lemon

We must cut the lemon in four without breaking it to the bottom, that is, we must not separate the pieces, they must be kept together. We place the citrus in the plate we chose and pour a generous amount of gran salt over it, right in the center of the four halves.

Very carefully place a clove in each of the segments and the 4 whole peppercorns in the center. Close the lemon again, as far as possible, put your right hand on it and imagine that peace, serenity, harmony and tranquility come into your life.

What the lemon is going to do in combination with all the ingredients is to absorb all our negativity, including that of the people who live with us.

We must place the plate under the bed, if you keep many things there or your base rests on the floor, you can put it on the side, in a corner of your room or under your nightstand.

After 7 days, take the lemon with a disposable handkerchief and put it in a trash can outside your house. Mizada commented that it is not recommended to “offer it to the earth”, that is, bury it, because it is contaminated with our negativity. When you do this, repeat the same ritual in case any negative vibes got stuck.


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