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Lady Louise’s family plan in her most crucial summer

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It is not usual to see Lady Louise at official events beyond events of great relevance such as the celebrations for Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee or the tribute paid to the Duke of Edinburgh last March. However, on this occasion the daughter of the Earls of Wessex has taken advantage of the summer season to support, together with her parents and her brother James, Viscount Severn, one of the most anticipated sporting events of the season: the Games . of the Commonwealth . This appointment that takes place in the Alexander stadium in Birmingham comes at a momentous time in her life since after the summer she could start a new academic stage as a university student.

On the competition day, Lady Louise went to the Sandwell aquatic center with a very summery boho look made up of a short-sleeved white shirt and a long printed skirt. Her curly hair has been tied up to leave her face clear and she has put on glasses, similar to her mother’s, so as not to miss any details of center court. At all times, she has been very close and communicative with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte , with whom she has shared the stands during the swimming tests. The daughter of the counts of Wessex had also been in previous days of this competition that began on July 28 and will end on August 8.

Prince Edward’s eldest daughter, who came of age in November , hopes to receive in a few days the grades she has obtained in the A Levels, proof that in our country it would be equivalent to Selectivity. When she knows her results, the 16th in the line of succession to the British throne will have to decide where to direct her future after finishing her stage at the Ascot educational center that she has attended until now. Lady Louise, who loves to draw and is committed to fighting climate change, could enroll in university as some of her cousins ​​such as Prince William, Beatrice of York and Eugenie of York have done.

Whatever your decision, you have the full support of your parents. A few months ago, Sophie from Wessex commented that she hoped that her daughter would enroll in a degree as she is quite intelligent, although she does not pressure her to do so. “I hope that she can continue her studies, which I think she probably wants to do, and I hope that she and her friends protect her from anything that anyone wants to do,” she explained on BBC Radio 5 Live. She about privacy she said that Lady Louise does not have a social media accountand that they protect her as parents but also allow her to live her own life. “I can only prepare her the best she can, and then she has to make her own decisions,” she added.

Despite being the granddaughter of Elizabeth II (they say she is the favourite),prefers to stay in the background and not carry the title of Princess for the momentdespite the fact that it belongs to him as indicated by the royal patent of 1917, which is still in force today. She thus maintains the wish of her parents, who decided when they got married that none of her children would carry that dignity, at least until they were of legal age. Now that she is an adult,  she can freely decide if she wants to claim the title that corresponds to her by birth, but until now she has not done so and she continues to maintain the one that she has held since her birth , which is granted to all sons of an earl.

Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary had a very quiet childhood in Bagshot Park, near Windsor Castle, andHe has spent a lot of time with his grandparents.In fact, with the Duke of Edinburgh she shared a passion for carriages, in which she is still very interested. As a curiosity, Sophie de Wessex herself revealed that her daughter discovered at school that her grandmother was her Queen since her classmates told her. Until then, she had no idea that they were both the same person.


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