Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Lady Gaga launches an online mental health course dedicated (mostly) to young people

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With her Born This Way Foundation, in partnership with the Canadian mental health charity Jack.orgLady Gaga has launched an online course with the aim of supporting young people on a path to mental health. The 35-year-old star broke the news via a video of her on her Instagram profile where she, a little excited, tells the crucial importance of an attitude that goes to eliminate taboos.

Made available online in three languages ​​- English, Spanish and French – the course is called Be There Certificate , it is free and, in Lady Gaga’s words, “is designed to increase mental health literacy” by providing “knowledge, skills and security “that people need” to safely support their peers who may have problems with their mental health. ” This theme is particularly dear to the actress and her mother Cynthia Germanotta who already in 2012 gave birth to the Born This Way Foundation.

“It can seem daunting to start a mental health conversation with someone else and offer support. With the Be There certificate, you learn how to be there for someone truly , kindly and safely, while maintaining your mental well-being,” Lady Gaga explains in the presentation video of the online course. . Then the singer decides to give us a little taste of what we will find in the Be There Certificate , providing followers with a small handbook on how to support a dialogue in an empathetic way.

Lady Gaga lists the “five golden rules” for speaking deeply and respectfully to someone like this: “Number one, say what you see. Number two, show that you care. Number three, listen to them. Number four, be aware of the fact. your role. Number five, connect to help, kindly and safely. ” We take note and will follow Lady Gaga’s advice in her brand new course as well.


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