Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Karol G embarrasses a fan in full concert for not knowing her songs

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  • Colombian singer Karol G embarrasses a fan in full concert for not knowing her songs after snatching her microphone

After taking a well-deserved vacation, the “Bichota”, Karol G, returned to the stage. The Colombian is currently on a tour of the United States called “Strio Love Tour”, the star is one of the most recognized music artists in Latin America and worldwide.

Karol G has visited venues such as Madison Square Garden in New York, where she lit up the stage and caused a furor among those attending her show, but it should be noted that not all moments have been perfect, on social networks there is a video that shows that Many followers sing her songs, while others do not fully know the lyrics of the Colombian.

One of the images that is turning the entire planet is in which Carolina Giraldo Navarro sings for the people and when she approaches one of the people in the audience, she snatches the microphone from her, the urban music star thought that the follower would continue with the piece of the song, but the surprise was that the assistant had not learned Karol G’s lyrics, which was the cause of her discontent.

“No my love, you have to learn it, can you?” Karol G tells her while she continues to interpret the song “El barco” that the fan did not know.

Karol G’s show begins with the star standing on a heart with thorns, very similar to the one on her left arm, and you can also see how the 31-year-old singer sings several of her hits, including her recent single “Gatúbela” that she presented a few weeks ago in which she shares credits with Maldy, a reggaeton legend and former member of the group Plan B.

Other songs that cannot be missing from the set list are: “Mamiii”, “Provenza”, “Bichota”, “200 copas”, “A ella”, “Tusa”, “El Makinon” and “Ay Dios mío! ” to mention a few.


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