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Karely Ruiz returns to being single and instead of facing her duel, she does the unexpected in a live

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  • The OnlyFans model Karely Ruiz made her sentimental situation clear with a tremendous confession

Karely Ruiz ended up with her boyfriend and instead of facing her grief, she did the unexpected in an Instagram live. Everything seems to indicate that singleness suits the OnlyFans model very well, because instead of crying over her ex-boyfriend, she preferred to enjoy it with a tremendous confession.

Although it is inevitable that the separation from Pablo Cantú does not hurt, Karely decided to show the best version of her in front of her fans, since life goes on and for now her business on the adult platform is the priority of she.

“Past stepped on, I’m not going to talk about it, so don’t ask me, avoid asking me, do you have a boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m 100% single, for the people and the people,” revealed the 21-year-old influencer.

The OnlyFans model Karely Ruiz, who is the third favorite Mexican on the platform, took the opportunity to give a positive message about love breakups: “Do you want to know if I have a boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m in love with life,” she confessed.

So far, the reason why Karely Ruiz and Pablo Cantú ended is unknown. Some fans claim that her ex tried to control her and that is what Karaely did not like. Others rumor that the young model did not want to listen to her boyfriend, when he advised her to take more care of her image.

What is a fact is that Karely Ruiz has a good face after her breakup with the young singer. Even her millions of followers are the happiest to see her happy despite the fact that she ended her love relationship.

Karely Ruiz and the Liga MX soccer players who have invited her out

A few weeks ago, Karely Ruiz returned to the eye of the hurricane, after she broke the silence about the Liga MX soccer players who had invited her out of it, she even told which teams she belongs to.

Karely Ruiz is the third highest paid Mexican on OnlyFans, her personality and her beauty led her to add millions of followers, the curious thing is that she uses part of her earnings on said platform to give away chemotherapies and make some other donations .

Although at 21 she has not posed for a specific team jersey, her ex-boyfriend Pablo Cantú, former host of the Destardes program, from Multimedios, is a big fan of Tigres, so on social networks they point out that she could support the UANL Tigers in Liga MX.

Through YouTube, Karely Ruiz mentioned that “some soccer players from the Monterrey teams had written to him through Instagram and were looking to have a date.”

Although it would be players from Tigres and Rayados de Monterrey, the influencer and model preferred not to reveal the names of the athletes who contacted her, nor what was the answer she gave them, for which she raised great doubt among all the followers of she. However, now that Karely Ruiz is single, she could give herself the opportunity to meet a single soccer player.


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