Thursday, December 1, 2022
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At 71, Joan MacDonald becomes a fitness influencer and inspires millions of people on Instagram

To take care of her health, this 75-year-old Canadian made a sudden change in her lifestyle. And it excites the Internet.

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There is no age to become an Instagram star. The proof with Joan MacDonald, a 75-year-old Canadian turned fitness influencer who has 1.5 million subscribers on the social network. Paradoxically, her secret weapon is that he never touched a dumbbell before she was 71 years old.

Cholesterol, obesity, blood pressure, kidney failure and general exhaustion… Joan MacDonald’s list of health problems was long before she started working out. By her own admission, at the dawn of her 70th birthday, the Canadian even struggled to climb the stairs. However, today it has become an example to follow for millions of Internet users. And that, she owes it to a sudden realization.

For decades, the septuagenarian treated her disorders with a clever cocktail of drugs. So, the day when her doctor, concerned about her state of health, told him that he intended to double the doses, that was the last straw. Joan MacDonald decides to take the bull by the horns and completely disrupt her way of life. “There, I really hit rock bottom, I was tired of being tired and depressed all the time, and it was my daughter who reached out to me,” she confides to the American channel ABC .

And precisely, Michelle, her daughter, knows a lot about sports since she is a fitness teacher. “It’s now or never ,” she tells her 71-year-old mother.

The Canadian then began a long journey. She joins her daughter in Mexico where she runs a gym with her husband. She then began to follow a whole new diet spread over five daily meals, far from her usual snacking spread over the whole day. Then, she launches into abs, push-ups, stretching. During the first month, she manages to lose a few pounds, but above all to strengthen her muscles and reduce her medication intake.

Back home, boosted by these encouraging results and this newfound energy, she managed to continue her efforts. Four years later, Joan MacDonald stopped taking medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and acid reflux.

In addition to the thirty pounds lost, it was above all the impact of her efforts on her health that continued to motivate her and make her want to share her efforts with the world. With the hope, who knows, of bringing other seniors in its wake…


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