Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Jeff Bezos loses $13 billion after Amazon stock crash

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Wealth is like a wheel of fortune, sometimes up and sometimes down. This is what happened to Jeff Bezos, because this Friday he lost a sum of 13 billion dollars, according to Bloomberg.

This occurred due to the negative behavior of the Nasdaq financial markets, specifically Amazon shares are placed 12.41% down at the level of 2,533.04 dollars.

Investors are totally disappointed by Amazon’s quarterly loss, even the slowest level of growth reported since 2001.

The fact that the stock market is down already indicates that demand is slowing down a bit and further interest rate hikes will slow demand as well,” said Randy Frederick of the Schwab Center for Financial Research.

One of the main causes is the negative impact of inflation, since the rise in prices could continue to slow down their level of sales.

The worst thing is that if the losses for Amazon continue, Bezos’s wealth would suffer a drop of around 155 billion dollars, according to data from Bloomberg.

Currently Jeff Bezos is positioned as the second most billionaire person in the world, just below Elon Musk.


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