Thursday, December 1, 2022
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It’s raining stars tonight in Tijuana for Cristian Castro’s concert

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Cristian Castro returned to Tijuana to present his most important concert “Hits Tour & tribute to Juan Gabriel and José José & quot ;, where in addition to singing his greatest hits to the people of Tijuana, he performed songs by these renowned artists in the Audiorama of the Museo del Trompo.
At 10:20 p.m., the singer-songwriter from Mexico City took the stage to start the show, where he sang songs by Divo de Juárez, such as “My failure”, “I have come to ask you for forgiveness”, ” “I’m in love with you” as well as “Tomorrow, tomorrow”.

The concert, which lasted 2 hours and 10 minutes, brought Tijuana residents at least 34 songs by Cristian Castro, José José and Juan Gabriel. Achieving Sold Out in the VIP area, Gold and Silver.

To travel back in time, El Gallito Feliz also shared several of his hits such as “Amantes de Ocasión”, “Cry the roses”, “It’s not necessary”, “New water”, “Morelia”, ” Raining stars”, “I wanted”, “For loving you like this” and of course “Blue” could not be missing.

Cristian did not miss the opportunity to thank the people of Tijuana for attending tonight, July 22. So he repeatedly said to the public “I like being around you”.
And as the name of the concert says, the ballads in tribute to the “Prince of Song” could not be missed, so people sang to the sound of “El triste”, “Goodbye princess”, “I have resigned to you”, “No one, just no one”.


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