Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Instagram Ready to Integrate NFTs Into the Platform

For now it's just an announcement. The idea is to allow you to create them directly in the app

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NFTs will be coming to Instagram soon,” This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta , during a meeting at the Austin Convention Center: “The goal is to allow you to bring your NFTs to the platform and over time to be able to create new ones within it”.

There are no other details, for now, because Zuckerberg himself explained that there are many technical aspects to be solved. The idea, however, is to integrate Non-fungible tokens, be it cryptoart or other found, to manage and transfer them from Instagram to Facebook and vice versa. In recent months , Adam Mosseri , CEO of Instagram, had already stated that social media was analyzing NFTs to understand how to exploit their potential.

The first step could be to use NFTs as profile images (replicating what Twitter already allows ), with the long-term goal of allowing them to be created on the platform, minting in jargon. It remains to be understood how this second aspect will materialize, that is, if at the very least it will be possible to sell the most popular posts in the form of NFT, or if the tokens will even become passes to access certain contents (which would be another earning option for creator).

In the few words released on the subject, Zuckerberg fantasized about the future, imagining the possibility of transforming the clothing of one’s avatar into NFT in order to be able to transfer it to the different places of the metaverse on which Meta has bet. The sale of the tokens could guarantee the platform huge revenues.


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