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How to win FreeFire 4vs4 mode? – Tips to win

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In Garena Free Fire there is a high number of games and features. So it is possible to access stations other than adventure mode or championships. In that sense, we are talking about 4vs4, so in the article, we will explain how to win in that mode.

It is an alternative in which it is worth creating a team or entering one randomly. The only negative point is that, as in all Garena Free Fire games, there is a bit of lag that must be eliminated from the game . Well, it does not allow the Mobile app to develop normally.

What is Free Fire 4vs4 mode?

The 4vs4 mode is one of the best updates that was introduced to the game. It was added on the second anniversary of Garena Free Fire as a variant to the usual map.

The idea of ​​the game is for the best team of 7 seasons to win . In which you must choose your squad of four members, that is, you and three more friends. If you don’t have any friends at the moment, tap on random and you’ll be assigned to one.

Tips to win Free Fire 4vs4

Now that you know what 4vs4 mode is all about, you should learn the best tricks. Well, with them you will ensure that you get a high number of victories. And, therefore, you will get trophies, diamonds and a lot of experience that will give you a higher level and reputation.

Play with friends

One of the best variables that it is possible to do is to play with your closest friends. Well, with these people, you surely know each other quite well, so everyone memorizes how they move on the map . Likewise, they recognize their strengths and their weaknesses.

On the other hand, if you play in random mode, there is a high chance that you will be matched with someone unknown . Likewise, the other individuals may not have a sufficient level for battle, being lower than yours. Therefore, the squad will be uneven and they will not understand each other in a good way.

It is also valid that it happens that you enter a Squad where there are people with a higher rank than you. So, in that case, you would be the one who does not measure up in that place, since the opposing players would see in you an easy target with which to leave the team with fewer members.

A final observation that has to be emphasized is that, if you play with a group of friends, there is more communication. Well, there is the possibility of everyone meeting in the same house and talking during the contest. Which is better than using headphones and microphones, because connectivity can bring difficulties.

So by building your own team with people close to you, there is a better chance of winning. In addition to that, you will prevent strange users from entering your squad and weakening the team.

Do not buy a weapon in the first round

One thing you shouldn’t do is trade a gun or weapon on the first round. Keep in mind that, at the beginning of the map, mobile gives you little money. Which is not enough for much weaponry. So the accessible will be basic pistols similar to the one you carry as a base.

So, it is best to wait until the second round, when you are allocated a little more money . In the same way, the purchase of shotguns and grenades is enabled, which are more powerful and will give you an advantage. Don’t forget to check your purchase history to see how many coins you spent.

Use shotguns and handguns

As explained in the previous section, reaching a second round without spending the money will give you an advantage over the other players. Well, if the rivals consume coins without waiting for the next level, they will have less resources than you.

Possessing a significant amount of money, it is possible to purchase a shotgun or other short-barreled weapon. The advantage of these tools is that they are less heavy on the avatar’s hands. Therefore, you will have more skill when moving and running around the map.

So, your doll will be faster and more agile, plus with the help of the team you want to create a battle that will be won easily. With short-barreled weapons, the certainty of the shot is wide and your enemies will not be able to slip away. While, if the weapon is long, there is more difficulty in shooting.

Among the equipment that is recommended to buy in the Garena Free Fire Mobile store are the MP40 shotguns. Similarly, you will have speed in the runs and the shots with an smg, in addition to others similar.

Use mines

An extra trick that is valid to share and with which victory can be ensured is by placing mines around the map. It is important to note that these artifacts cost money in the market of the application or website. So, there is an expense to be made, but it will be minimal compared to the gains obtained by achieving a victory in a 4v4.

Place the mines in places where it is safe for other people to pass. Thus it is valid to create traps, with which rivals are attracted, so that an explosion is generated that, with luck, will finish them off without the need to exchange bullets. The higher the number of mines you place, the greater the range of the trap.

These can be hidden in the ground, trees, bridges and other places. However, you have to remember the exact place, since it is feasible that you fall into your own trick. So if you accidentally step on a mine, you’ll end up killing yourself.

In Bermuda, one of the main places is the hangar, the clock tower in which the shooters hide. The Mill factory, the observatory and the factory are also desirable in order to exploit them.

On the Purgatory map, put bombs in Brasilia, which is the center and an important place. It is also valid in the skating post, in the crane station or in the lake mansion.

Finally, in the Alps, the favorite places to hide are Nevada, the pier, the stadium and the lookout. So, in those places it is possible to catch the rivals and defeat them with mines.


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