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How to upload a PDF file to Facebook

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Nowadays, computers are used as a tool that is now part of everyday life. Especially in this period of lockdown , the PC represents one of the few entertainment tools compared to a very complicated situation, in which you have to get out of your home as little as possible. Also thanks to the numerous no deposit casino bonuses , there is the possibility of living a gaming experience that is truly unparalleled, also thanks to the important steps forward that have been made over the last few years from the point of view of security and reliability.

The issue of security is now central to any area of ​​modern information technology, also given the boom that has been achieved by social networks is impressive and now practically everyone carries out operations on a daily basis that involve uploading files, including personal ones.

File PDF on social network

Social networks are used more and more frequently nowadays and, therefore, it often happens that we have to face a series of problems concerning the uploading of files of different types compared to images. For example, the reference is to PDF files, since often one cannot find the most suitable option to do this.

On Facebook , in fact, there is the possibility to upload videos, but also photos as well as links not only on your personal profile, but also on pages and groups that you manage or of which you are a member. There is no limit as to the device that is used to perform this operation.

From the point of view of uploading other files, including those in PDF format, I exist on the contrary of the limits to be respected. In fact, you can complete this operation only and exclusively on Facebook groups , regardless of whether it is a private or public group, but only by carrying out this activity directly from your computer.

It is interesting to note, in these cases, how it is possible to upload PDF files from all those who are part of the group, under one particular condition. In fact, the PDF file that is to be uploaded must have a size lower than the 100 MB threshold . Not only that, since you can send PDF files to other users only by private message.

Upload PDF files to a Facebook page

There are alternative solutions that offer the possibility of uploading a PDF file to a Facebook page . One of the first options available is to upload the PDF file to external platforms, such as cloud storage services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, copy the link and then share it on the social network.

Another solution to share the PDF file on Facebook is to convert it to an image . On the web there is the possibility to find a large number of programs and services specially made for this purpose. In this case, then, it will be a breeze to load the image file that shows the PDF after conversion.

Upload PDF files to a Facebook group

Within the discussion, in the Facebook group, just choose the item “Add content to your post”, inserting the file from the drop-down menu that is created and choosing the PDF file to upload . Once this upload operation is finished, you have to click on the “publish” button and the game is completed.

Furthermore, if you manage the group as owners or administrators, you can also arrange for the publication of the PDF file that has been uploaded. It is sufficient to choose the appropriate option, called “Post Schedule”, subsequently establishing both the date and time of publication and, finally, simply click on the “Schedule” button to successfully complete the operation in question.


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